Interactive Media & Game Development

Pandora: Purge of Pride
Blinding Silence
Memory Dash

Bring your passion, hone your skills, learn to shine!

Interactive media and gaming provide a wildly popular source of entertainment.

WPI is home to one of the earliest and top-ranked academic programs in this field. Our Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD) majors receive a base education in both the artistic and technical aspects of interactive media, underscoring the importance of blending art with technology, and the close working relationships required between artists and programmers.

Merging Art with Technology

Our goal at WPI is to create leading-edge technical artists and creative programmers. To that end, students jump right in and spend their time focusing on hands-on projects and collaborations—creating games, interactive fiction, virtual environments, art installations, and collaborative performances, or inventing entirely new forms of media.

Graduate Reflections


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