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WPI and the Interactive Media and Game Development program offer a wide range of resources and opportunities to help students stay informed and have rewarding experiences.

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Tracking sheets:

IMGD Technology Major (Bachelor of Science) [effective Fall 2017]

  • IMGD Technology Majors (BS): .xls, .pdf
  • IMGD Technology and Computer Science Double Major (BS): .xls, .pdf

IMGD Major (Bachelor of Arts) [effective Fall 2017]

  • IMGD Major (BA) with no concentration .xls, .pdf
  • IMGD Major (BA) with Visual Art Concentration .xls, .pdf
  • IMGD Major (BA) with Design Concentration .xls, .pdf
  • IMGD Major (BA) with Technical Art Concentration .xls, .pdf
  • IMGD Major (BA) with Writing Concentration .xls, .pdf

IMGD Major (Bachelor of Science) [2013-2017]

  • IMGD Major (Technology Area) .xls.pdf
  • IMGD (Technology Area) and Computer Science Double Major: .xls, .pdf
  • IMGD Major (Visual Arts Area) .xls, .pdf

Master of Science in IMGD .pdf


IMGD (BA) Concentration Clearance Form