Conferences & Opportunities

Our IMGD students have access to a wide range of professional gatherings where they can demo their projects, attend academic and professional talks, compete for awards, and present their work to industry leaders and the general public—so, get involved! Networking at events like PAX East and being involved in local game programs like MassDigi’s Game Challenge are the best way to get your foot in the door and jumpstart your career in IMGD.

PAX East

PAX East happens every year at the Boston Convention and Entertainment Center. Participants can attend panels and talks, compete in tournaments, or just try out a new game in the free play areas. A large expo hall features hundreds of booths—everything from AAA publishers, like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, to the smallest indie games showing off their years of work.

Made in MA

During PAX East week, MassDiGI hosts a party showcasing games and companies from Massachusetts, and WPI is there. This is a great opportunity to show off your work, and rub shoulders with local companies and developers, many of whom are WPI alumni.

Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is held in San Francisco, CA and is the largest gathering of game makers in the world. Students from the IMGD program attend every year, winning passes through the Narrative Design Competition, or being selected as ambassadors from the Different Games program or the Women in Games program.


Boston Festival of Indie Games holds two major events each year: BostonFIG Fest and BostonFIG Talks. Students can demo both their video and tabletop games at BostonFIG Fest and compete against other games for awards. They’ll get to meet with students from other programs and local independent developers and professionals. At BostonFIG Talks, students can take part in panels and talks from local professionals and academics.

mass digi logo


The Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDigi) connects IMGD students with industry professionals and paid game development internships. If you’re serious about entering the games industry, attending local MassDigi events and getting involved in their game programs and activities (held on our campus) is a great first step!