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Elevate Your Passion for Gaming with Our Master’s in Game Development Program

Are you ready to take your technical knowledge, artistic vision, and passion for gaming to the next level? WPI’s nationally ranked master’s program in Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD) will get you there.

Our interactive media and game development degree prepares professionals who can balance sophisticated design and technical expertise in developing immersive, interactive environments. You may tailor a program to suit your interests and career goals as you learn from and work alongside world-renowned faculty researchers and industry advisors.

Students in our game design master's program come from various backgrounds, including college graduates continuing their education, game industry professionals aiming for leadership roles, and professionals from other fields retooling their skills.


Develop your creative practice and personal voice as an artist in IMGD. The Master of Fine Arts program offers a terminal degree through WPI’s renowned IMGD program where our academic approach, resources, and connections will refine your artistic practice and innovate using new creative technologies with WPI’s new MFA in IMGD.

This art- and studio-based master’s program gives students space, time, and resources to develop their creative practice. As a terminal degree, this three-year MFA program helps to become independent artists and establish their creative voice. Integrated into the degree are career-development opportunities including training in teaching methods and networking with industry and academic leaders through a regular colloquium.

Professionals who hold an MFA in interactive media & game development have a focus that’s expanded above game design MFA concepts and are prepared for tenure-track academic roles, teaching positions, and also for careers the wide variety of industries that rely upon professional design sensibilities including corporate and cultural organizations, experience-based product corporations, or full-body immersive game experiences. WPI is an institutional partner with the Worcester Art Museum and the Worcester Center for Crafts, and has extensive connections with established industry organizations and startups.

Global Industries and economies rely on professional design sensibilities. WPI’s new master of fine arts in interactive media & game development is focused on filling that industry need and preparing students for myriad design opportunities and careers.

PhD in Computational Media

Conduct interdisciplinary research that will shape the future of computationally based creative expression. Housed in WPI’s Interactive Media & Game Development program (IMGD), WPI’s new PhD in computational media provides space and expertise for students to research computational approaches that reflect, inspire, and shape human creativity and new media.

An interdisciplinary approach to how computers support and connect with human expression forms the research basis for WPI’s PhD in computational media. The best game design graduate programs like WPI’s include perspectives that cross disciplines to understand how computational media impacts society. As technology becomes increasingly entwined in all aspects of human life, professionals who can connect creativity and humanistic expression with computational media are in demand.

They will be navigating the technological complexity of this field, but shaping its future as well. With a nuanced understanding of creative methods and humanistic concerns, they will develop new tools and services that positively change the way humans work, play, express themselves, and connect with others.

This research-based program is focused on play and art as fundamentally important aspects of human experience that can be shaped in compelling ways via technological tools and methods. Join an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students in exploring the effect of technology on individual and group creative practice. The PhD in computational media supports students whose research focuses on artistic and humanistic expression--whether through the creation of new computational tools or the novel application of existing platforms. Learn more about how WPI offers some of the best game design graduate programs in the nation.