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What's new in IMGD? Join in on all the IMGD events that our department offers and see what our students and faculty are up to on campus.



Panelists discuss video games at RIDigi event in Rhode Island. alt
Panelists discuss video games at RIDigi event in Rhode Island.
October 06, 2022


October 12, 2022
July 29, 2022
School of Arts & Sciences
June 14, 2022
School of Arts & Sciences
February 09, 2022
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
February 04, 2022
School of Arts & Sciences

Recurring IMGD Events


Alphafest is a chance for the entire IMGD community to hang out together, show off project work in progress, conduct playtesting, gather feedback and eat pizza! All MQPs and grad projects due for completion in April 2020 are expected to exhibit at this event. Cool projects created for coursework or ISPs, as well as personal work, are also welcome.

Game Jams

Think you have what it takes to make an awesome game in 48 hours? Maybe not. But come join in the fun anyway! IGDA frequently hosts weekend student-run game jams that are open to all. It’s a great opportunity to hone your game development skills, connect with other student developers, and come out of it all with a potential portfolio piece.


Check out all the cool projects that our students have created in this all-out end-of-year showcase of IMGD creativity and innovation! Showcase your own IMGD creations, playtest others’ projects, and even network with industry professionals who will be interviewing student teams. It’s all here—at Showfest!

Escape Rooms

Think you have what it takes to “escape the room”? Be a part of our annual escape room adventure—designed by our very own students under the guidance Dean O’Donnell! Or be a part of designing the adventure and get some course credit while you’re at it!

IMGD Celebrity Speaker Series

Industry experts are wise, and, if you’re lucky enough to attend one of our IMGD celebrity speaker series events, they’ll pass that wisdom on to you. Our celebrity speakers enlighten students about industry practices, game design, and so much more!

IMGD Masterclass

Looking to develop a new skill in IMGD? Then keep an eye on our masterclass programs! We bring in industry professionals to teach our students specialized skills over the course of a few night classes. You may even end up with something for your portfolio!