WPI’s pioneering, top-ranked Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD) bachelor’s degree will both stretch and focus your talents as you explore the technical and artistic aspects of game development.

In our close-knit Interactive Media & Game Development bachelor’s degree program, faculty and students alike share a passion for finding new ways of looking at traditional media in order to create new media. Beginning on your first days on campus, you’ll be making things!—pushing boundaries and creating things that matter to you. Our students make games, interactive fiction, art installations, collaborative performances, or virtual environments.

Undergraduate Highlights

Shotoku's Defense at PAX East: A virtual reality physics-based game developed by IMGD undergrads in Japan.

The Call of Karen: A PC simulation comedy game developed by an IMGD MQP team that currently has over 65,000 downloads on Steam. Play as a 1950s housewife who has to fend off the forces of Cthulhu!

IMGD Degree Breakdown

Our department offers two IMGD degrees for undergraduates: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. Under our IMGD BA degree you can also choose a concentration in visual art, technical art, design, writing, or audio based on your interests.




Launch Your Career in IMGD

Media industries are fast-paced, entrepreneurial businesses, where innovation and collaboration drive success. WPI’s comprehensive IMGD program gives students the critical thinking skills that employers seek, and our well-connected faculty provide an insider’s perspective. Check out our Career Development Center’s Factbook, updated annually, to see what our IMGD graduates are doing and what their salaries are.

Start your career as an IMGD professional...

Game Developer  •  Software Engineer  •  Graphics Programmer  •  Web Developer  •  AI Programmer

Environmental Artist  •  3D Animator  •  Texture Artist  •  Art Director  •  User Interface Artist

Level Designer  •  Script Writer  •  QA Analyst  •  Sound Designer  •  Composer

...and get hired by the best!

Riot Games  •  Activision Blizzard  •  Bose  •  Bethesda  •  Rockstar Games  •  Harmonix  •  Dejobaan Games  •  Owlchemy Labs

IMGD Undergraduate Courses

As a student in our program, you’ll have the opportunity to take courses across the IMGD curriculum. Explore the dropdown below or take a look at WPI’s course catalogs to see the courses we offer!


Our technical development courses help students learn everything from engine building and data analysis to artificial intelligence and procedural content generation.

2D Art & Animation
3D Art & Animation
Technical Art

Our technical art courses help students learn everything from rigging and mesh optimization to motion capture and pipeline management.


Our design courses help students learn everything from game engine scripting and iterative playtesting to digital prototyping and documentation.


Our audio courses help students learn everything from music recording and sound effects to robotic and live-coding performances.

Interactive Media

Our interactive media courses help students learn everything from UI and UX design to history and future trends of interactive media.

Game Studies

As an undergraduate, you can also take semester-long graduate IMGD courses to count towards your degree! See WPI's policies on credit conversion for more details.

Interested in an IMGD Minor?

WPI’s minor in Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD) enables students to explore their interests in gaming and push the boundaries of new forms of media.

As a student in our interdisciplinary program, you will develop a solid base in IMGD theory, tools, and techniques, and hone in on an area of interest, from animation to audio arts. Throughout your course of study you will also have many opportunities to apply your knowledge to hands-on applications: create a digital painting, write a game narrative, design a piece of interactive art for public display, and more.

Get started by filling out our IMGD Minor Approval Form!