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WPI’s pioneering, top-ranked Interactive Media & Game Development bachelor’s degree will both stretch and focus your talents as you explore the technical and artistic aspects of game development.

In our close-knit Interactive Media & Game Development bachelor’s degree program, faculty and students alike share a passion for finding new ways of looking at traditional media in order to create new media. Beginning on your first days on campus, you’ll be pushing boundaries and making things that matter to you, whether that’s games, interactive fiction, art installations, collaborative performances, or virtual environments.

IMGD Minor

WPI’s minor in Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD) enables students to explore their interests in gaming and push the boundaries of new forms of media.

As a student in our interdisciplinary program, you will develop a solid base in IMDG theory, tools, and techniques, and hone in on an area of interest, from animation to audio arts. Throughout your course of study you will also have many opportunities to apply your knowledge to hands-on applications: create a digital painting, write a game narrative, design a piece of interactive art for public display, and more.