Welcome WPI Parents!  

The Dean of Students Office works closely with parents to assist your sons and daughters while at WPI. Our partnership with parents focuses on the following elements:

We are student-centered. Student learning, both curricular and co-curricular, is central to what we do. We are proud of the students we work with every day and we take pride in their accomplishments before and after they graduate.

We are partners in this educational journey. Our ultimate goal is to help students navigate their way towards success. While we realize parents play an integral role in the daily lives of their sons or daughters, most of our communication will be directly with the student. Yet, we realize that parents sometimes encounter situations that are concerning. In these cases, our staff can serve as a sounding board, providing our perspectives on issues such as lack of contact, family emergencies, academic concerns, stress or time management, etc.

We realize the college years can (sometimes) be difficult. Certainly the years are full of new experiences for parents, as well as students! Encourage your son or daughter to use campus resources, such as academic advising, the writing center, counseling services, etc. Help your son or daughter become an effective and responsible decision maker; when they share a concern or problem, listen, and offer advise for resolution of the issue. By refraining from stepping in to solve their problem or issue, you’ll be helping them grow..