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Changing lives - and the world

WPI focuses on harnessing the power of engineering, science, and technology to create solutions for the greatest challenges facing society—challenges related to health, energy, the environment, sustainability, green building, and more. From the outset, the WPI education has been based on a balance of rigorous classroom and project-based learning—of using academic inquiry to serve people everywhere.

Our students come to WPI to gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to impact lives—by exploring the possibility of erecting wind turbines in a Nantucket landfill, redesigning water distribution systems in the slums of Cape Town, South Africa, or applying their skills on countless other meaningful projects. Our students come with their sleeves rolled up, and they are among the most compelling reasons to invest in WPI today.

The time is now. If you invest in WPI, your dollars will contribute to making every WPI student’s experience transformational and help us cultivate the next generation of engineers and scientists who will possess the knowledge and wisdom to make a positive difference in the world.