Academic Resources Center

Student tutors utilizing whiteboard during tutoring session

The Academic Resources Center (ARC), located on the 5th floor of Unity Hall, provides tutoring support that is designed to enhance the learning experience of WPI undergraduate students. 

The student-based, collaborative learning environment of the ARC offers 1-on-1 tutoring as well as group, drop-in tutoring (called MASH - Math & Science Help) for many introductory math, science, computer science, and engineering science courses. The Academic Resources center aims to assist WPI undergraduate students in the acquisition of information, guidance towards becoming independent learners, and development of skills to accomplish their academic goals.

At the ARC you will find peer tutors who provide support for introductory math, science, and computer science courses, as well as a quiet place to study if you need somewhere to think and do your work undisturbed.

Summer 2024 Virtual ARC Tutoring

Information regarding ARC Tutoring for select courses this summer

The ARC will be offering virtual tutoring this summer during E1 and E2 terms for select Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Eng Science courses, Mon-Friday. Current students can search for available appointments by going to and selecting from the available timeslots. A student must be currently registered for a summer course on the list (see flyer below) in order to search for and book a tutoring appointment for the course.

Summer 2024 Tutored Courses

Alternatively, if needed, (or if the student is part of the Class of 2028), students can fill out the ARC tutoring inquiry form found at this link or email to request tutoring if they have scheduling conflicts. We will work as best as we can with the student to try and get them connected with the tutor covering the subject to arrange a mutually agreeable time for the tutoring session. Further instructions on how to access tutoring offered by the ARC are also located on the Academic Resources Center Canvas Page.



Math and Science Help (MASH) and Tutor Program

Tutors that facilitate MASH and appointments are upper-class students who have been particularly successful in their academic work. They help students who are learning the material and are looking for additional support. Click below to learn more about tutoring options.


Log into TutorTrac to sign up for a one-on-one tutoring appointment. View the How to Schedule a Tutoring Appointment Guide for step-by-step instructions on scheduling a tutoring appointment in Tutortrac. For more information, email the Academic Resources Center, or come visit us on the fifth floor of Unity Hall.