Parent Resources

WPI has many resources, events, services, and offices that help parents navigate WPI to find the information they need. We offer programs designed to help your student succeed, both academically and in their out-of-class life. Share these resources with your student if they need some guidance.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about...

If your student is looking for more specific support systems on campus, direct them to the Student Resources & Support page. It's full of links to resources across campus focused on everything from mental health and well-being to career development and teamwork support.


Grade Reports

Parents and families can access student grades in Workday. If you have other questions, ask your student directly.  The Office of Academic Advising can discuss limited issues with parents according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), but we will do our best to address your concerns.

Exploring the Course Registration Process

There are several resources on campus to help your student navigate the course registration process, which takes place in Workday. If you're curious to see what the experience entails, check out the Course Registration page. Be sure to remind your student that an in-depth walkthrough of the process is also available for them in Workday!

Gompei's Guide: A New Resource for Students, by Students

Does your student have questions about life at WPI? Are they looking for a list of resources, tips for success, or some of the best study locations on campus? Gompei's Guide has got all that and more, and it's written by those who know the ins and outs of student life best: students themselves. All first-year students will receive a hard copy, and other students may pick one up at the information desk in the Campus Center. Check out the digital version and pass it on to your student too!

Don't Miss New Student Orientation

In addition to helping your son or daughter with their arrival to campus, our New Student Orientation program has parents and friends sessions, too. Learn about all your child will do and your role as the parent of a college student at WPI.

Helping Your Student Transition to College

First-year students have a great support network through the Insight Program, which consists of a Faculty Advisor, Community Advisor, and a Resident Advisor. This team is in place to help your student with personal and academic issues that may arise during their transition to college.