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We know that students will be departing campus on a rolling basis throughout B-Term. While this is completely acceptable, please keep in mind these important dates:

  • Students must leave on or before the date they indicated on their My TechFlex intentions survey.
  • All students staying on campus for Thanksgiving Break and the remaining weeks of B-Term must depart by Saturday, December 12 at 12pm (noon).

Fall 2020 Departure Instructions


Complete these steps before leaving campus: 

1. Log on to MyTechFlex and fill out the new end of B term/semester survey.

2. Consolidate Your Belongings: Please consolidate any of your personal belongings you might be leaving in your room until you return for C-Term on to your bed. If possible, please put items in any totes or duffel bags you may be leaving behind as well. In the event the university is forced to move to remote status at some point during B-Term, this consolidation of your belongings will help to streamline any move-out process.   

3. Return Your Key: You must return your residence hall key prior to your departure (or you will be charged for the lock change). All student room keys will be collected as students depart campus during or at the end of B term. Because we will do on-boarding COVID testing when students return for C term as we did this fall, keys will be re-distributed as part of the testing and move in process in January. 

  • Thanksgiving & End of B term departure: You will receive a pre-labeled envelope from your RA. Place your key in the envelope and leave it on your desk in your room. 

  • If you have already left campus and you will not be returning for the spring semester, please mail your key to Residential Services in a PADDED ENVELOPE to the following address: 

WPI Residential Services 

100 Institute Road 

Worcester, MA 01609 



Additional Departure Checklist: 

Whether you leave during B term, for Thanksgiving Break, or at the end of B term, the same information applies - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. 

  • Close & Lock All Windows, Leave Shades & Blinds Open 

  • Unplug all electronics 

  • Consolidate your remaining items on to your bed 

  • Pull items away from heat sources 

  • Take home all important items – medications, IDs, Passports, etc.  

  • Throw away all food & remove trash from your room 

  • If you live in an area with a full kitchen, consolidate your personal food items to specific kitchen cabinets and then label them with a paper/post it

  • Unplug your mini fridge & leave the doors open to defrost 

  • Turn off all lights 

  • Place your key in the labeled envelope on your desk or use express checkout 

Upon receipt of your residence hall room key, WPI will deactivate your ID card access to campus and remove you from the COVID-19 Testing Protocol. 


Parent/Helper Expectations During Move Out

  • Please follow all posted signage for designated parking locations and wait for your student in your car.
    • Do not park in front of buildings with emergency flashers.
  • Parents and helpers are not permitted in the residence halls.



Please remember that your housing and dining contract is for the entire academic year; you are financially obligated to this contract regardless of where you choose to do your course work. If you choose to do all of your coursework online for B-Term, you will still have your housing assignment when you return to campus for C-term because you are still paying for your assigned space. 


*If you are taking a Leave of Absence or Withdrawing from WPI, please reach out to Residential Services directly at* 

Example: Consolidate Your Remaining Items

Consolidate items on bed
Consolidate personal food items in cabinets and label