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We know that students will be departing campus on a rolling basis throughout D-Term. While this is completely acceptable, please keep in mind these important dates: 

  • Students should make plans to completely vacate the residence halls by 12pm (noon) on Thursday, May 5, 2022

  • Information on key return will be provided by the Resident Advisor staff beginning mid-April 

  • Graduating seniors may request to stay through commencement; students approved to stay may be required to relocate to another location on campus. 

  • If graduating seniors choose to stay, there will be no additional charge and they must completely vacate the halls by Saturday, May 14 at 11:00pm. They will need to sign up to stay late. Instructions are listed below.

Tasks to Complete Before You Leave

  • Close/lock window(s)  

  • Pull items away from heat sources  

  • Open shades/drapes  

  • Empty garbage/ remove perishables. Completely clean out refrigerators.  

  • Turn off lights/lock door  

  • Return rental textbooks  

  • Take home all personal belongings 

  • Leave your WPI room key on your desk in the envelope provided to you by your RA.  

End of Year Closing Procedures and Check Out


When do I need to be completely moved out? 

You need to be moved out 24 hours after your last final.  

Halls close at 12pm (noon) on Thursday, May 5, 2022. Your ID access will be turned off on May 5 at 12pm. 


Can I have help moving out? 

  • You may have a helper assist you with move out. 

  • Red bins will be available in centralized locations around campus. Please return red bins to their original location when finished. 

  • You and your helper acknowledge and understand the health risks related to COVID-19 and agree to assume any risks associated with an in-person move out. 

  • WPI expects that you will take appropriate steps to safeguard your health, including following social distancing guidance. 


What if I need to stay late? (INCLUDING GRADUATING SENIORS) 

  • Extensions to stay beyond closing must be approved by Residential Services. You need to complete the summer housing application found at by Wednesday, April 27 at 5pm to be approved to stay past May 5th 

  • Residents of the Hampton Inn, Wachusett House, and WPI Townhouses will be relocated to a location of Residential Services choosing and timeline. 

  • All late stay students should be prepared to be relocated depending on building needs. 

  • Students requesting to stay beyond May 5, depending on circumstances MAY have to pay a charge of $30 per day. 

  • Specific information about your late stay will be sent to you individually based on your residence hall. 


What do I need to do before I move out? 

Before you leave, please make sure to fully clean your space. Your space should be as clean as, if not cleaner, than you found it at the beginning of the year. 

Please talk with your roommate(s) to ensure that the common spaces are clean, and all trash is removed before the last roommate leaves. 

Key return: 

  • Place your key in the envelope provided by your RA 

  • Seal envelope 

  • Leave envelope on your desk 


What if I need to store items over the Summer? 

Residential Services has partnered with Boomerang Storage. Boomerang Storage will provide you with boxes and come to your apartment and store your items over the summer. If you are interested, we have postcards with more information for you. 

CLICK HERE for Boomerang Storage! 


I need to stay for summer classes, an internship, or work in the area - can I stay on campus? 

We offer summer housing for $30 per day. You can find more information by visiting the Summer Housing Page. To apply for summer housing please visit 


Damage Billing Facts

  • If there is any damage in your room, suite, apartment, floor, or exterior of the hall, you may be charged.  Damage is considered anything beyond normal wear and tear, that is different in your room than was originally found at the beginning of the academic year.
  • If you have information on any damages that have occurred in common areas of your building, please contact Residential Services.   When we are unable to discern the individual responsible for the common area damage, residents of the floor/building will be charged.
  • Please be aware you will see these charges on your bill.
  • Each room will be inspected by Residential Services professional staff after the buildings are vacant.  If any damages are found during this inspection, you will be charged via your student account.