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  • Financial Aid & Overpayment

    Financial Aid & Overpayment

    • Federal regulations prohibit WPI from holding federal loan proceeds and/or Title IV financial aid (i.e., Pell Grant) funds in excess of 14 days from the date of posting if the fund creates a refund. A request to hold the excess funds must be sent in writing to the Bursar’s Office (email is accepted). If you request funds to be held, they will be refunded at the close of the award year, at the end of the spring semester.
    • Financial aid refunds for students will not be processed until after the last day of the add/drop period of each term. 
    • Student refunds will be held for 14 days and then mailed to the home address on file. During the summer all refunds are mailed to the home address on file.
    • WPI reserves the right to hold a refund if the student is not registered for sufficient credits. WPI also reserves the right to hold funds if the student is in an overload status. 
    • WPI will not refund any credit balance from a wire payment(s) received by WPI through Flywire or directly to our bank, excess funds will be held for a future term, used for the purchase of a voluntary meal plan and or Goat Bucks or returned to the originator. If the student is not a current student and is not registered for any credits currently or for a future term funds will be returned to the originating bank account. WPI will also not refund wires that exceed the number of terms a student attends WPI, any late wires (after the student has graduated or departed WPI), all wires will be returned to the originating bank.
    • All students with a PLUS loan applied to their account, unless the parent releases the PLUS refund to the student, will receive the refund check made payable and mailed to the applicant of the loan.
    • Students enrolled in the Nelnet Payment Plan are not eligible for a refund unless all payments have been received by WPI and a credit is available on the student account.
    • Students with a pending outside scholarship or third party credit (such as an Embassy) are not eligible for a refund.
    • No refund will be processed under $10.00 unless requested.
    • Students must request a refund. The refund request form can be found here.
  • Refunds & Tuition Insurance

    Refunds & Tuition Insurance

    Please note - refunds are processed at the end of drop/add and after all aid has been disbursed.


    Consider tuition insurance to supplement and strengthen our refund policy.
    We believe it’s important to offer an easy, affordable way to protect the investment your family has made in higher
    education. WPI has partnered with GradGuard to provide our families with tuition insurance
    by Allianz Global Assistance.
    This coverage expands the scope of our refund policy by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, room and board and other fees for covered withdrawals at any time during the semester. Plans also include Student Life Assistance: a 24-hour emergency hotline that offers students and parents even greater peace of mind.

    At WPI, we want the best for our students, and Allianz Global Assistance is the world-leader in
    specialty insurance and assistance—helping over 200 million people protect their tuition payments, travel plans and more each year.

    Visit GradGuard for a free quote and additional information.

Important: The published refund schedule applies to Withdrawals and WPI Leave of Absence as described below. All other situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • Graduate Student Withdrawal or WPI Leave of Absence Tuition Adjustment Schedule for 2022-2023 Fall/Spring

    Graduate Student Withdrawal or WPI Leave of Absence Tuition Adjustment Schedule for 2022-2023 Fall/Spring



    Week 1-2 0%
    Week 3 20%
    Week 4 40%
    Week 5  60%
    Week 6 80%
    Week 7 and after 100%

    Withdrawal policy information for residents of the state of Maryland - please visit the Corporate and Professional Education site for special refund information.

  • Undergraduate Students Withdrawal or WPI Leave of Absence Tuition Adjustment schedule for 2022-2023 Fall/Spring

    Undergraduate Students Withdrawal or WPI Leave of Absence Tuition Adjustment schedule for 2022-2023 Fall/Spring

    Tuition adjustment upon formal withdrawal from WPI during each semester are:
    Withdrawal after enrollment but prior to first day of classes of a semester Charged 0%
    Withdrawal weeks 1 & 2  10% 
    Withdrawal week 3 20% 
    Withdrawal week 4 30% 
    Withdrawal week 5 40% 
    Withdrawal weeks 6-8 50% 
    Withdrawal  week 9 60%
    Withdrawal week 10 80%
    Withdrawal week 11 and after 100% 

    To qualify for a reduction in tuition, students must submit a formal withdrawal application via the Office of the Registrar. The date this application is received in the Registrar's office will determine the charge.

    There is no reduction in fees/tuition in the case of withdrawal from individual courses.

    Students who have paid full tuition for eight semesters may be allowed to enroll as special (part-time) students on a per-course basis and be charged tuition accordingly. (Two summer terms enrolled as a full-time student may be counted as a semester.) Application forms for special student status are available at the Office of the Registrar. 

  • Room & Board Charges upon Withdrawal or WPI Leave of Absence 2022-2023 Fall/Spring

    Room & Board Charges upon Withdrawal or WPI Leave of Absence 2022-2022 Fall/Spring*

    Withdrawal after enrollment, but prior to the first day of classes  Charged 0%
    Withdrawal weeks 1 & 2  10%  
    Withdrawal week 3 20%
    Withdrawal week 4 30%
    Withdrawal week 5 40%
    Withdrawal week 6-8 50%
    Withdrawal week 9 60%
    Withdrawal week 10 80%
    Withdrawal week 11 and after 100%

    *All housing/ dining withdrawal dates are determined by when the student returns their key and removes all belongings, students may have a different "week" of withdrawal from their tuition refund.

    Please use this link for information pertaining to Financial Aid Upon Withdrawal/Suspension 


  • Administrative Financial Withdrawal

    Administrative Financial Withdrawal

    A student may be challenged during their studies at WPI, experiencing a change in financial circumstance or hardship. If a student is unable to meet his or her financial obligations, WPI may administratively withdraw the student for a semester or after A or C term if necessary.  This policy ensures that students do not accrue multiple semesters’ worth of debt.  

    In the event a student has been administratively withdrawn due to a financial matter, s/he may apply for readmission after the obligation has been paid in full. Payment must be received prior to applying for financial readmission; no personal/electronic checks may be used as a method of payment for any outstanding obligation. 

    In the event a student has been administratively withdrawn at the end of A or C term, the student will be charged 50% of the tuition, if the student lives on campus the room and meal plan will be adjusted in accordance with the withdrawal policy.  

    Process for Financial Readmission   

    • Payment for the outstanding balance must be paid in full by the specified due date set forth by the administration; this date will be included in the communication informing the student of the impending withdrawal. Please be mindful when making payment of the deadlines to apply for financial readmission.  A personal or electronic payment may not be permissible depending on the date in which payment for the prior balance is due, please check with the Bursar for this date.
    • Complete the Application for Financial Readmission, which may be found below. Deadlines for application submission are as follows: Fall Semester A Term July 20, Spring Semester C Term November 15, and Summer E Term May 1. There will be no readmission during B or D.  You will also be required to apply for readmission through the Registrar's Office if you have been separated from WPI for a semester or more. Please go to the Registrar's Office page for additional information
    • Submit the Application with payment for Financial Readmission to the Bursar’s Office prior to the deadlines specified above. Be sure to submit any readmission forms to the Office of the Registrar if needed. 
    • The term in which the student is applying for readmission must be paid in full or documentation must be submitted showing substantial proof of how the semester will be paid in full. Any Financial Aid awards, including private loans, must be approved and certified by the Office of Financial Aid.  No personal or electronic check will be a permissible form of payment; the payment plan TMS is also prohibited for use as a form of payment.  
    • In the event the application for readmission has been approved, the Bursar’s Office will be the official point of communication to the Office of the Registrar. If the student fails to meet the deadline and or the financial requirement, s/he may apply for readmission for a future semester. No student will be readmitted after the deadline.

    Application for Financial Readmission (PDF)