In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s move-in days and procedures have been altered significantly. More details are outlined below and on the Residential Life page.

Student Move-in Information

All students moving into WPI residence halls must take a COVID-19 test and have a negative test result before moving into their residences. We recognize that anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 may still test positive for a period of time after they are no longer contagious. Those individuals must have their health care provider provide documentation to WPI Health Services indicating that they have met all health guidelines and are cleared to come to campus.

Visit the Return to Campus Student Checklist to review what’s required before you can move in or access campus. Please note that the type of pre-arrival test you must take and its timing will be determined by where you have been living.

Move-in Starts at WPI’s Gateway Park

Residential Services will assign move-in dates to students. You will receive your housing assignment and move-in date on August 7, along with information on selecting a move-in time. On your scheduled move-in day, you must check in at Gateway Park before proceeding to your assigned residence hall —download the map to Gateway Park here. Driving maps to each residence hall and the testing location will be available at the check-in location. 

Your testing dates will be determined by your move-in date. These dates are not negotiable. Once you’ve received your housing assignment, visit the Testing Protocols page for more information and details on the subsequent required testing process. 

If you did not receive a housing confirmation email with an assigned move-in day, email Residential Services as soon as possible.

Get a glimpse of this year's move-in process in the video below:

  *Note: the pre-arrival paperwork mentioned in the video refers to the items on the Return to Campus Checklist being submitted online, hard copies are not necessary.*

WPI Student Move-in 2020

WPI Residential Services Early Move-In Policy:

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there will be no early arrivals, with no exceptions to this rule. Do not make travel plans until you sign up for a move-in time with the Residential Services Office.

Move-in Day Guidelines

By coming to campus at your designated arrival time, you are acknowledging that you will not come to campus if you have a fever or other COVID-19-like symptoms; if you are advised to self-isolate, self-quarantine, or get tested for COVID-19; if you test positive for COVID-19; or if you have been in close contact with someone, including any member of your household, who you know has tested positive for COVID-19, is being tested for COVID-19, or has COVID-19-like symptoms.

Arrival Instructions:

  • You must have completed all steps on your Return to Campus Checklist for your specific state prior to your arrival. Non-compliance will result in you not being permitted to move in.
  • DO NOT go to your residence hall to check-in.
  • On your scheduled move-in day, you must first check in at Gateway Park, 50 Prescott Street. You must arrive ON TIME. You will be checked in and given all move-in materials.
  • You may need to wait in your vehicle at Gateway Park post your assigned arrival time for roughly 45 minutes. This will be to:
    • Confirm all pre-arrival requirements have been met
    • Collect your room key & WPI ID
    • Allow for traffic flow and building occupancy to be managed efficiently
  • No restroom facilities will be available at Gateway Park; facilities will not be available until you arrive at your assigned residence hall. Please plan accordingly and stop before you arrive to campus, if needed. 
  • Signage with specific instructions will be clearly visible at all campus locations for your convenience and safety. 


  • ARRIVAL TIME: This is when you should be at Gateway Park to check in, the time you signed up for through the link in your housing confirmation email.
  • MOVE IN TIME: This is when you should expect to have your key to be physically moving into your building, roughly 45 minutes post your arrival time.
  • HELPER DEPARTURE TIME: Please help us keep campus numbers to a minimum and have your helper respect the schedule. Helper departure time is two hours after your scheduled arrival time.


  • All students and their one helper will be required to wear a face covering outside of their vehicle while unloading and moving into the residence hall.
  • The student helper will have 2 hours from the time of their arrival to the time they need to depart campus.
  • Students are limited to one red wheeled cart (measuring 41.5 x 29.5 x 36 inches) for move-in.  For a video of our red cart, see below.  We also want to encourage you to look at our information for What to Bring with you.
    • Outside furniture will not be permitted.
    • The Residential Services Office encourages the use of plastic totes and duffel bags that can be retained in student rooms for move-out.  
  • Helpers will not have access to other campus buildings, and will be permitted only in the building their student is assigned to.

Facilities & Cleaning

  • WPI Facilities will be regularly cleaning bathrooms and hallways during move-in days.
  • WPI Facilities will have disinfectant spray and soap available in all common use bathrooms.
  • If you would like to have your own personal cleaning products, please bring them with you. 
  • If something needs to be fixed in your room, a work order is needed. For new students, please see your RA for how to submit a work order to address your concern.
  •                 Non-emergency work orders will not be handled on the day of move-in but on a specific day after arrival.  This is to help us minimize traffic in the residence halls during move-in.  For non-emergency work, please submit a written request via your RA as soon as possible or email with the information.

Moving Cart for Moving In: What Fits?

WPI Moving Bin for Moving In: What Fits?

Housing & Dining Contract Addendum

Please take a moment to review and familiarize yourself with the WPI Housing & Dining Contract Addendum. Reach out to the Residential Services Office (RSO) with any questions or concerns.