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Workday Student & TMS/Nelnet Payment Plan

WPI is transitioning to Workday for Fall 2021!

There will be changes as to how  a student and third party will access your student eBill, online payments and enrolling in the TMS/Nelnet Payment Plan.

Please be patient with us as we begin to send communication of these changes. There will be training and additional information soon.

Thank you WPI Bursar's Office

Fall & Spring Billing

Fall eBills are typically sent in July, due in August. for Undergraduate Students. 

Spring eBills are typically sent in December, due in January for Undergraduate Students. 

Graduate Students - Fall eBills are typically sent in July and due in August. The due date will be on the eBill. Must be registered for classes.

Graduate Students - Spring eBills are typically sent in December,  due in January. The due date will be on the eBill. Must be registered for classes. 

Student Health Insurance Fall health insurance waivers due prior to the start of the semester. Waiver site opens in July.
Overload Fees Undergraduate Students Only – Assessed after second drop add of each respective term. B - term for Fall - November. and D - term for Spring - March.
1098-T Tax Forms 1098-T Tax Forms are published by the IRS deadline or prior to the end of January.

Financial Agreement

Please be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions in the Financial Agreement above. You must accept and agree to this agreement during the check in process for each semester of enrollment (Fall, Spring and Summer if registered).

Electronic Billing - eBilling (WPI Only Sends Electronic Bills)

Students will receive a notification to their Workday notifications when their eBill is available for viewing and payment. If multiple notifications are received it is important to check your student account as something may have changed on your student account. Please note that WPI only sends bills electronically, you may print your bill in Workday at anytime. Students may create friends and family to view the eBill as well.

Billing & Due Dates

WPI sends eBills twice a year, for the fall and spring semesters. Fall bills are released to the student’s Workday account in July and are due in August. Spring bills are released in December and are due in January. WPI does not bill per term within the semester i.e., A, B, C, D. If you register within one week prior to the bill due date you are required to pay at the time you register or by the due date on any eBill statement you receive. Any registration within the semester i.e., A, B, C, D, or late registration for course(s) payment is due at the time of registration. 

Non-matriculated students (not enrolled in a WPI degree program) are required to pay at the time of registration. Additionally, no third party letter(s) of credit are accepted for non-matriculated students, the student must pay for the course(s)  and be reimbursed. There is no payment plan available for non-matriculated students. 

For E-Term(Summer) if a WPI matriculated student registers prior to a week before the first day of class they will receive an eBill. E-Term typically has two due dates, an E1 due date and an E2 & projects. If a student registers within one week before or after the start of the E-Term session, payment is due at the time of registration.

For Graduate Students living on campus you will not receive a bill for rent. Rent is due the first (1st) of the month. Any rent payment not received is subject to a hold being placed on the account and a late fee.

Any additional charge(s) to a student account becomes due immediately after the start of a semester.

Tuition Payment Due Date

All payments for tuition must be received by the Bursar's Office by the tuition payment due date specified on the eBill each semester, or payment is due at the time of registration if registering late. Payments received after that due date are considered late and are subject to late charges. Payments that are returned by a bank are considered late as well. If your registration has changed after the eBill has been sent, you may not be sent a new eBill prior to the tuition payment deadline. Check Banner Self Service for the most current account balance. To avoid a late payment fee, you must pay the full tuition amount for your anticipated enrollment by the due date. Any additional enrollment in a class after the initial due date, payment is due at the time of registration.

Late Fees

Late fees of up to $250 will be assessed on balances and accounting holds will be placed on accounts that are not paid by the due date published on the eBill statement. Late rent payments for Graduate Students are subject to a hold and late fees, rent is due the first (1st) of each month, no eBill is sent.


A hold may be placed on a student account at the discretion of the Bursar's Office at any time in the event that a balance becomes due or is outstanding. Some reasons a hold may be applied, but not limited to are: TMS delinquency, Financial Aid changes, late registration for a course, pending scholarship or aid removed, account balance is short, returned check payments.

Returned Payment Policy & Fees

All returned payments will be assessed a fee. After two returned payments (ACH/Check) the student will be required to remit payment via Bank/Tellers check or credit card (fee applies).

Collections Cost

The student is responsible for all costs associated with the collection of delinquent balances should their account be turned over to a collection agency or attorney.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Delinquent accounts may be reported to national credit bureau reporting agencies.


In compliance with the WPI policy on email, correspondence from the Bursar's Office will be sent to the student's official university “" email account. Students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with WPI-related communications.  

Rescind Federal Authorization

In compliance with Student Financial Agreement and Federal Title IV Authorization - I will provide the Bursar's Office in writing, my student ID, first and last name and written communication to rescind said agreement.