Billing Information

Fall & Spring Billing

Undergrad and Graduate Students- Fall charges (if registered) are available to view the second week of July, due in mid August. 

Undergrad and Graduate Students - Spring charges (if registered) are available to view the first week of December, due first week of January. 

Student Health Insurance The health insurance charge for the academic year is posted in the Fall semester. Even though the charge is posted to your account, you are not automatically enrolled. You must enroll or you must waive. The waiver/enroll site opens in July and you must waive or enroll prior to start of the Fall semester. You must enroll or waive every academic year. If you don't enroll or waive, you will be auto enrolled in September and you will receive a notification from our office. 
Overload Fees Undergraduate Students Only – Assessed at the time you overload.
1098-T Tax Forms 1098-T Tax Forms are published by the IRS deadline of January 31 - make sure you update your Government ID in your Workday personal profile so your SSN/ITIN is on the tuition tax statement. Failure to provide this number may result in a 50.00 IRS fine
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WPI Financial Agreement

Please be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions in the WPI Financial Agreement. You must accept and agree during the Workday Onboarding process for each semester of enrollment (Fall, Spring and Summer if registered).

Official WPI Email

In compliance with the WPI policy on email, correspondence from the Bursar's Office will be sent to the student's official university “" email account or through Workday. Students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with WPI-related communications.  

On Demand Bills - WPI does not send paper or electronic bills

Students receive a communication to their WPI email and Workday notifications when their semester charges are available for viewing, however t is important to check your student account frequently as something may have changed that needs your attention. In Workday, select the Finances App, There you can select to print a semester statement (On Demand Bill) at any time and as many times as you need for updates. Students may allow friends and family to view activity and remit payment for your student account. 

Semester Due Dates

WPI notifies students when the fall and spring semester charges have posted to their student account. Fall charges are posted to the student’s Workday account in July and are due in August. Spring charges are posted in December and are due in January. WPI does not add due dates per term within the semester i.e., A, B, C, D.  Any registration within the semester i.e., A, B, C, D, or late registration for course(s) after the due date is due right after you register.

Non-matriculated students (not enrolled in a WPI degree program) are required to pay right after you register. Additionally, no third party letter(s) of credit are accepted for non-matriculated students. Students must pay for the course(s) and be reimbursed. 

For E-Term(Summer) if a WPI matriculated student registers prior to a week before the first day of class, the charge will post to the student account. E-Term typically has three due dates, a full semester session due date, an E1 due date and an E2 & projects due date. If a student registers after the due date, payment is due after you register.

Rent is due the first (1st) of the month for graduate students living on campus. Any rent payment not received is subject to a late fee and registration hold.

Any additional charge(s) to a student account incurred once the semester begins is becomes due immediately.

Please note, graduate students eligible for tuition reduction through discount/scholarship will receive only one discount/scholarship.  The greatest tuition reduction available to them will be applied.

Tuition Payments

All payments for tuition must be received by the Bursar's Office by the tuition payment due date, or if registering late, right after you register. Payments received after that due date are considered late and are subject to late charges up to $250, as stated in the Financial Responsibility Agreement you acknowledged at the beginning of every semester in teh Workday Onboarding process.  Payments that are returned by a bank are considered late. Please check your student account frequently for any changes, as any additional charges are also due by the due date. To avoid a late payment fee, you must make payment and settle your account by the semester due date. 

Late Fees

Late fees of up to $250 will be assessed on unpaid balances and registration holds will be placed on accounts that are not paid by the semester due date. Late rent payments for graduate students are also subject to a registration hold and late fees. Rent is due the first (1st) of each month. 


Registration holds are posted automatically through Workday after the due date. A hold may be placed on a student account at the discretion of the Bursar's Office at any time in the event that a balance becomes due or outstanding. Some reasons a hold may be applied, but are not limited to, are payment plan delinquencies, financial aid changes that may create a balance, late registration for a course, or returned check payments.

Returned Payment Fees

All returned payments will be assessed a $30 returned payment fee. After two returned payments (ACH/Check) the student will be required to remit payment via Bank/Tellers check or credit card (fee applies).

Collections Cost

Should an account be turned over to a collection agency or attorney due to a delinquent balance, the student will be responsible for all costs associated with the collection. 

Credit Bureau Reporting

Delinquent accounts may be reported to national credit bureau reporting agencies.

Title IV Authorization

Title IV funds are federal student aid funds, such as Federal Direct Student Loans, Pell Grants, which are from federal student aid programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education. The U.S. Department of Education regulations only allow schools to use your Federal Student Aid to pay for current academic year institutional charges unless you have granted permission to apply these funds to non-institutional charges. Should you receive a request in Workday to authorize Title IV funds to pay other non-qualified charges, please submit your response in a timely manner to avoid a balance due after your refund check has been processed. 

Rescind Federal Authorization

In compliance with the WPI Financial Agreement and Federal Title IV Authorization, a student can provide to the Bursar's Office written communication to rescind said agreement. Please include student ID and first/last name with this communication.