Dean of Students

The Dean of Students staff is available on-campus to meet with students. Whether you are more comfortable via a Zoom discussion or in-person, we are here to assist you! 

Our staff coordinates a wide array of services, programs, and activities designed to support the academic success and personal development of WPI students. We recognize that the college years will be a time for tremendous personal growth, clarification of values, and self-exploration. As partners in this process, we are here to provide guidance and assistance to students by helping them to problem solve or by referring them to the appropriate resources.

How to Contact Us:

  • Email:   
  • Phone: 508-831-5201
    If leaving a message, please include your name and phone number and a staff member will call you back.

Our staff also places a strong emphasis on creating a community at WPI in which every student is respected for their individuality and unique contributions. We encourage students to pursue their personal interests while at the university—the most satisfied and successful WPI students are those who take advantage of the wide variety of out-of-class activities and opportunities offered on campus. Students are encouraged to connect with other students, faculty, and staff by becoming active members of our vibrant community.


Mission Statement

In accordance with the WPI Plan, the focus at WPI is on student-centered learning and educational activities that prepare students for leadership as well as for life-long learning. The Dean of Students Office provides services in a professional and caring manner, designed to influence attitudes, change behaviors, develop skills, and expand students' knowledge in the areas of citizenship and leadership. In partnership with students, parents, faculty, and staff, we shape and enrich a learning community that fosters self esteem and personal development, and prepares students to work, live, and lead in a pluralistic society.

Core Values

We subscribe to a set of core values that provides the underlying structure for our work:

  • Advocacy: Advancing the agenda of students to the university community.
  • Citizenship: Promoting integrity, leadership, personal responsibility, and global perspective.
  • Empowerment: Fostering and encouraging the growth and self-esteem of others.
  • Inclusion: Providing a voice for multiple viewpoints and promoting a culture of civility. 
  • Respect: Modeling care and consideration of all members of our community and their contributions.
  • Support: Demonstrating genuine concern for the health, balance, and well being of others.

WPI Care Team

The WPI Care Team, a group of professional staff members, meets weekly during the academic year to address the safety, welfare, and academic success of students. If a faculty or staff member, student, or parent notices that a student’s behavior is distressed, disruptive, or dangerous, they’re encouraged to fill out the student concern form.

Please note this form is NOT monitored 24/7. If this is an emergency, or to report a party, please call WPI Campus Police at 508-831-5433. 

Make a Difference, Have an Impact—Connect with a Trustee Mentor

The Trustee Mentor Program is a unique mentorship program offered to selected experienced student leaders.  With the support of WPI's Board of Trustees, the President's Office and the Division of Student Affairs sponsors the program to rising junior and senior student leaders and pairs them with a member of the Board of Trustees for a minimum of one year.  

Dean of Students Student Emergency Loan Fund

The Peter S. Hull Memorial Fund is administered by the Dean of Students Office and provides immediate short-term loans to WPI students in emergencies or unforeseen situations. Loans are generally in the amount of $25 - $300 and are expected to be repaid within 30 days. Students sign a promissory note committing to repayment, which allows the limited funds to stay in regular circulation, providing for a maximum number of loans to students in need.

Contact the Dean of Students Office staff at for additional information. 

Gapontsev Family Support Fund

In light of the current Ukrainian and Russian war, the Gapontsev Family Support Fund has been created to assist those impacted by this ongoing war. In addition to this, the WPI Student Disaster Relief Fund has also been created to assist those students impacted by other tragic events worldwide. These events have placed unexpected financial pressure on our students, some of whom now struggle to cover costs associated with an unexpected departure from campus; technology to support learning; loss of income from employment or family funding; the need for safe, secure temporary housing; and other consequences of the ongoing situation that impacts them personally. Apply here

The WPI Financial Assistance Fund

WPI has demonstrated multiple times that it is a community that cares. WPI offers financial resources to assist our WPI community members who encounter an unforeseen financial hardship, emergency or catastrophic event.

The number of people who can be assisted by the WPI Emergency Assistance Fund and the Student Elevation Fund are subject to the availability of funds. These funds are not intended to be used for routine expenses, or as a consistent supplement to an individual’s funding sources; individual Emergency Assistance Fund grants are generally capped at $1,000 each and Student Elevation Fund grants vary depending on need. Requests must be urgent in nature.

Awards will be considered one-time distributions with no expectation of repayment. Amounts will be determined on a case by case basis. Representatives from the Dean of Students, Talent & Inclusion, University Advancement and/or our Student Aid and Financial Literacy offices will be coordinating these efforts.

Individuals must complete the Financial Assistance Fund Request form in order to be considered for funding.

Individuals may also be referred to other sources of assistance that may be more appropriate to their circumstances.

Student Conduct -- Our Community Expectations

WPI prides itself on being a caring community that respects the contributions of individuals, appreciates the diversity of the student body, and emphasizes the importance of cooperation and teamwork. WPI as a community has a shared value system that is articulated through a variety of media. The WPI Student Code of Conduct articulates the expectations and responsibilities that members of the WPI community are expected to observe. Students are expected to become familiar with all campus policies and procedures.  


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