Bylaws & Governance Working Group

The Bylaws & Governance Working Group (BGWG), comprised of trustees, faculty, and administration, was formed in December 2018 and completed its work at the end of the academic year. The BGWG considered and consulted on university bylaws and ways to build more effective collaboration and trust moving forward.  A letter from Jack Mollen, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; the working group’s report; and final pending bylaws are available for review.



Trustee Andy Aberdale Professor Jim Cocola
Secretary of the Faculty Tanja Dominko Trustee Marni Hall
Professor Steve Kmiotek (Former) President Laurie Leshin, Chair
Professor Mark Richman (Former) Provost Wole Soboyejo

Some Interesting Background Materials on Governance

Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities (AAUP, ACE, AGB; 1966)

Exactly What is ‘Shared Governance’ (The Chronicle of Higher Education; 2009)

Board Responsibility for Institutional Governance (AGB; 2010)

Fiduciary Behavior: What's the Responsible Trustee to Do (and Not Do)? (AGB; 2013)

Faculty Communication with Governing Boards: Best Practices (AAUP; 2014)