From modern, well-equipped laboratories and up-to-date equipment to a robust on-campus research infrastructure, WPI provides high-quality support for cutting-edge discovery, which makes the university stand apart from its peers.

WPI provides an array of services to help researchers identify and seek out sources of external support through the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Entrepreneurs and researchers at WPI also have access to an extensive array of core research facilities, labs, and equipment through the interdisciplinary fields of computing, life sciences, and materials. From how to correctly perform research involving human subjects to ensuring the proper care, use, and humane treatment of animals, WPI provides a variety of services to help students and faculty ensure that they are conducting research safely and according to established guidelines and regulatory requirements.

The Research Solutions Institute is designed to be responsive and proactive in delivering research development services to faculty. RSI’s aim is to help all WPI faculty researchers form teams, prepare well for funding opportunities, and develop winning proposals as they pursue solutions to society’s most important and pressing challenges. Contact the team today.

Technology Commercialization

The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) at WPI identifies, evaluates, values, protects, classifies, markets, and licenses the intellectual property assets developed by WPI researchers and other significant users of WPI resources. Learn more about how it supports scholars and entrepreneurs.

WPI offers state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to faculty and students. As part of the Academic and Research Computing resources, researchers have access to a robust computing infrastructure, fully equipped laboratories and facilities, and up-to-date scientific and engineering software applications (SESA). They also have access to fully staffed and knowledgeable staff resources that can assist on a variety of topics.

Science and engineering increasingly rely on numerical analysis and computational simulations to better understand the underlying details of complex phenomena. WPI researchers have access to an impressive array of high-performance computing resources, including robust Linux computer clusters, Linux computer nodes, and research Windows terminal servers. Knowledgeable staff help researchers make the most of WPI’s parallel-processing capabilities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At WPI, an emphasis on applied research means faculty and students engage in work that can translate into products, services, or other intellectual property. Our spaces offer areas where our students, faculty, alumni, and community and industry leaders can interact, learning from each other as they network. From start-up to exit strategy, an extensive network of experts and resources can help turn a spark of imagination into a marketable innovation. We take your ideas seriously.


current faculty have been fulbright scholars 


Faculty that best combine research and teaching

The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education (2016)

current faculty members have won the NSF Career Award

National Science Foundation (2018)

of full-time faculty have a PhD or terminal degree (2017-18)

Funding ToolKit

Managed by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Research Solutions Institute (RSI), Foundation & Corporate Philanthropy, and George C. Gordon Library, this toolkit will help you find and successfully apply for funding to support your research activities.