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At WPI, a strategic partnership is created based on your specific needs. Our Corporate Engagement team works closely with industry partners––from global corporations to not-for-profit associations to government agencies–– to identify customized solutions to solve your business challenges. By connecting our accomplished students and faculty with dynamic organizations, we build successful, mutually beneficial relationships that spark innovation and change, and impact your business.

Let us be your gateway to the diverse talent and resources at one of the nation’s first science and engineering universities. For more information, contact:

Sharon Deffely, Executive Director, Academic & Corporate Engagement
508.831.5635 • 

In Great Company 2017

Discover why companies like Boston Scientific, Pfizer, and the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center are partnering with WPI to fill their talent pipelines, educate their workforce, solve business challenges, and spark innovation.


In Great Company 2017

Recruit Talent, Build Your Team

Whether you’re looking to hire a full-time employee or fill an internship position, we can connect you with students who understand the fundamentals of their chosen fields, work effectively in teams, think creatively, and have the skills and confidence to dive right in.

Hands-On Training

The Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center (BETC) at WPI is an innovative partnership between academia and industry that creates customized workforce development solutions for forward-thinking biotechnology companies across the region and around the world.

Stronger Together

Discover how the strategic partnership between the University of Massachusetts Medical School and WPI is fostering collaboration between faculty and student researchers, fueling advances in life sciences, medicine, healthcare delivery, physical sciences, engineering, informatics, and more.

WPI and UMass Medical School: Stronger Together

Our partnership with WPI is the deepest and broadest that we have with a four-year engineering school. In addition to workforce recruitment, we work with WPI to build a pipeline of leaders for the power industry.
Marcy Reed
National Grid Massachusetts
We have to have the brightest and the best, and WPI provides that––the faculty and students who can collaborate and work on hard problems.
Mark Russell
Corporate Vice President, Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance
The problems we’re dealing with are huge and complex, so we really need to tap into places like WPI for more ideas, more talent, and fresh thinking. We really see this relationship with WPI as expanding our horizons.
Pete Sherlock
’82 ’86 MS
Senior Vice President and Director, Bedford Operations, MITRE

Student Stories

Two internships, one Major Qualifying Project (MQP), and one graduate thesis later, Cecelia Franzini ’14 (BS ECE), ‘15 (MS ECE), takes the next step at MITRE Corp.