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WPI Researchers Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic


WPI bioinformatics researcher Dmitry Korkin has shared 3D models of the coronavirus with researchers worldwide, and just completed a five-year study on cruise ship impacts.


WPI wireless communications expert Alex Wyglinski says 5G communications will allow organizations to maintain critical operations in a safe and virtual manner.


WPI robotics and mechanical engineering professor Greg Fischer is spearheading an effort to develop and share designs for creating low-cost ventilators.


WPI physics and robotics professor Marko Popovic, working with professor Greg Fischer, is creating a design for an oxygen concentrator​.

WPI math professor Joseph Fehribach can discuss how more precise modeling and understanding of COVID-19 will be possible with swifter antibody blood tests and a greater understanding of the role played by disease carriers who may always shed the virus.

To seek an interview with one of these researchers—or to inquire about other ways WPI researchers are focused on the pandemic—contact:

Colleen Wamback​
Associate Director of Public Relations


September 08, 2020
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May 04, 2020
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