WPI’s Public Relations team is available to assist members of the media with inquiries about covering breaking news stories, conducting interviews on campus, and more. If you’re a member of the media seeking information about WPI or one of our faculty members, we ask that you arrange interviews and on-campus photos through the Public Relations office.

Note that a visitor parking permit is required for all visitors to WPI. Contact media@wpi.edu for information on acquiring a parking pass when visiting campus.

In the News

Alex Wyglinski, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and his team of Ph.D. candidates and fellow faculty members are working to apply bumblebee communication methods to driverless cars.

WPI In Pictures

  • wpi Have you ever wondered what lives on your phone? Join us as Todd Alexander, Chemical Engineering graduate student shows us how to culture bacteria #UnconventionalConvention

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