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Jamal Yagoobi alt
Jamal Yagoobi
September 21, 2022
WPI Awards Posthumous PhD to Michal Talmor Tilley
Lane Harrison
September 19, 2022
How we see and interact with information ripe for more robust look
Photo Collage alt
From left: author Megan Giddings, professor and filmmaker Kendall Moore, and professor Pamela Harris
September 15, 2022
Fifth annual week of events and speakers to examine diversity, inclusion Sept. 19-23
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HELP. It’s OK to need it.  It’s important to ask for it.  Here’s how to find it.  

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Celebrating and supporting all the things—and all the people—that make our home on the Hill great.
The university is embarking on a national search for the 17th president of WPI.
Learn more about our Presidential Search.