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Real Projects. Real Experience. Real Impact.
At WPI, you’ll engage in hands-on collaborative projects from day one.
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Pursue Your Passion
Robbie Oleynick ’24 integrates tech with music in the theatre
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Freedom to innovate, the tools to create, and the support to make it happen
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Find Your Niche
Gompeis Gears Bike Share at WPI
On our campus, in our community, and around the world
WPI Journal Winter Issue

Featured Stories from the WPI Journal

In the winter issue, read how 2002 alumni Sergio Salvatore and Julie Cerqueira have combined their personal passions with their careers: music and computer science for Salvatore, and climate change and clean energy for Cequeira. WPI researchers also share how they are seeking solutions for a source of 40 percent of carbon emissions worldwide—human-made infrastructure.

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