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Become Part of the Equation

Explore the unexpected, find a community that inspires you, and learn by doing—all at WPI, all from day one. 



A Degree That Matters

At WPI you'll use an education built around science, engineering, and the humanities to create solutions to problems faced by real people—both here at home and around the world.

Explore the possibilities with more than 70 undergraduate and graduate degree programs across four schools: Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Business, and Global.


HELP. It’s OK to need it.  It’s important to ask for it.  Here’s how to find it.  

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Real Projects. Real Experience. Real Impact.
At WPI, you’ll engage in hands-on collaborative projects from day one.
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Pursue Your Passion
Robbie Oleynick ’24 Integrates Tech with Music in Silent Sky Production
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Freedom to innovate. Tools to create. Support to make it happen.
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Find Your Niche

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