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Bioinformatics researcher Dmitry Korkin and a team of graduate student​ have created and unveiled a structural 3D roadmap of the new coronavirus, a major development that potentially holds the key to understanding the spread and treatment of the deadly virus.  

WPI Researcher Explains Key Structural Differences Emerging in the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

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Chrisotpher James '78 is helping policymakers find clean and efficient ways to power the world.

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Emily Douglas, professor and department head of social science & policy studies, spoke with KCUR (NPR, Kansas) about her research surrounding men who are victims of domestic abuse. She shared that men are less likely to seek help in domestic abuse situations, and that these men often face barriers to seeking help. "But, now the conversation is switching to, 'how do we best serve men who are victims of partner violence'?" she told KCUR. (The clip starts at 1:02)

The Boston Herald reported on the work that Krishna Venkatasubramanian, assistant professor of computer science, and Jeanine Skorinko, professor of social science and policy studies, are doing on an app to help people with intellectual or developmental disabilities report abuse.