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Sep17 - 18
All day
WPI looks forward to welcoming its alumni family back to Worcester for Homecoming 2021.

Community Announcements

September 15, 2021
Global Experience Office
September 15, 2021
We Are WPI, Health Services
September 14, 2021
The Global School
Leila Carvajal holds an unopened cocoa plant toward the camera.
University Magazine

From the WPI Journal: Living the Sweet Life

Leila Carvajal Erker ’96 grew up around chocolate, spending much of her childhood shadowing her father at his cocoa processing plant in Guayaquil, Ecuador before making the business her own. Now, she’s using a fusion of tradition and science to help the world’s chocolatiers build a better bar. Discover more alumni stories in the WPI Journal.

Catherine Whittington smiles in the lab.
Research News

"We need to explore new strategies for early diagnosis."

Catherine Whittington, assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, has received a $200,000 Career Development Award from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to determine how fat cells and tissue stiffening contribute to pancreatic cancer. Read more, and sign up for the research newsletter for the latest research news.

Faculty Profiles

Catherine Faye Whittington

Catherine F. Whittington

Assistant Professor

My research focuses on combining bio-instructive biomaterials with cells to design 3D tissue-engineered platforms for regenerative medicine, disease modeling, improved predictability of therapeutic outcomes, and as translatable technologies for clinic and industry.

Alexander  Wyglinski

Alexander Wyglinski

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Alexander M. Wyglinski is an internationally recognized expert in wireless communications, cognitive radio, spectrum coexistence, broadband connectivity, 5G/6G, connected vehicles, software-defined radio, dynamic spectrum access, satellite communications, vehicular technology, wireless system optimization and adaptation, autonomous vehicles, and cyber-physical systems. Dr.

Carolina  Ruiz

Carolina Ruiz

Professor-Computer Science

Carolina Ruiz's research interests are in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining. Together with her graduate and undergraduate students, Dr. Ruiz has worked on numerous interdisciplinary research projects with clinicians from the University of Massachusetts Medical School on developing and using machine learning algorithms over clinical and behavioral patient data.

Anita Elaine Mattson

Anita Elaine Mattson

Professor & Department Head-Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research in the Mattson Group is a combination of catalyst design, methodology development, and complex molecule synthesis. Our catalyst design program is focused on the synthesis and study of new families of non-covalent catalysts, including boronate ureas and silanediols, that are able to promote new reactivity patterns. The catalyst design and associated reaction development programs are currently geared toward the synthesis of enantioenriched nitrogen and oxygen heterocycles that frequently appear in naturally occurring bioactive compounds.

Arne  Gericke

Arne Gericke

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

The research in my lab is generally concerned with the biophysical characterization of lipid mediated protein functions. 

Reeta Prusty Rao

Reeta Rao

Professor & Department Head-Biology & Biotechnology

My research program focuses on understanding and managing fungal diseases. We primarily study Candida albicans, an opportunistic pathogen and the most prevalent fungal pathogen of humans. It is responsible for common clinical problems including oral thrush and vaginitis, but can also lead to life-threatening systematic infections in immunocompromised individuals such as AIDS patients, resulting in 30-50% mortality rates. The estimated annual cost of treating nosocomial Candida infections exceeds $1 billion per year.

Campus in Photos

Three orientation leaders jump in unison behind the fountain.
How are we feeling about being back on campus? "Excited" might be an understatement.
Members of the Chess Club participate in a game during the student activities fair.
New students explored everything from chess and LARPing to cheese and theatre during the student activities fair.
Members of the Student Alumni Society cheer during the Bridge Crossing.
There’s nothing like the Bridge Crossing tradition—let’s hear it for the Class of 2025!
A Games Showcase attendee plays a game on their mobile phone.
29 interns from 17 colleges and universities created five different games that were on display during the MassDigi open house.
Participants in the Research Experience for Undergraduates showcase present their work.
Participants in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program had a chance to show off the work they did at WPI over the summer.

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