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Bioinformatics researcher Dmitry Korkin and a team of graduate student​ have created and unveiled a structural 3D roadmap of the new coronavirus, a major development that potentially holds the key to understanding the spread and treatment of the deadly virus.  

WPI Researcher Explains Key Structural Differences Emerging in the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

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Chrisotpher James '78 is helping policymakers find clean and efficient ways to power the world.

WPI Journal: Winter 2019

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WBZ-TV is the latest to air the work that Greg Fischer, the William Smith Dean's Professor, is doing with other WPI researchers on designing ventilators and making their components publicly available so anyone with a 3D printer and background in electronics and mechanical engineering could use them to produce ventilators for hospitals.

The National Interest talked to Dmitry Korkin, associate professor of computer science, about how and why diseases, like coronavirus spread quickly on ships.