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Seyed Zekavat and students run soil moisture experiments at Gateway Park. alt
Seyed Zekavat leads soil moisture experiments at WPI. From left, Himan Namdari, Majid Moradikia, Ruba Khan, Zekavat, and Allen Cheung.
November 28, 2022

University Calendar

Sep 27-Dec 15
9:00 am, Sep 27 to 11:55 am, Dec 15
Sessions where employees can learn ways to mitigate stress, navigate challenging situations, thrive, and more.

Community Announcements

December 02, 2022
Division of Talent & Inclusion
December 01, 2022
Be Well Together
November 29, 2022
Division of Talent & Inclusion
November 29, 2022
Division of Talent & Inclusion
November 28, 2022
Marketing Communications
Ulkuhan Guler smiles for a photo.
University Magazine

Sensing the Living Breath

Ulkuhan Guler, assistant professor of electrical engineering, has got a small invention to help her achieve a big goal: she’s developing a patch with miniaturized sensors and electronics that can continuously collect all of the critical measures of respiration to provide an early warning of potentially serious complications. Read more about her work in the Fall 2022 issue of the WPI Journal, and explore the rest of the issue.

WPI Researchers Study a Fatal Bronx, NY Fire to Help Prevent Future Tragedies.

Research News

Helping Prevent Future Tragedies

Albert Simeoni, head of WPI's Fire Protection Engineering Department, led the university's research for The New York Times report focused on better understanding what led to the fatal Bronx apartment fire and helping to prevent future tragedies.

Faculty Profiles

Francesca  Bernardi

Francesca Bernardi

Assistant Professor-Mathematical Science

My field of research in Applied Mathematics is small-scale fluid mechanics and microfluidics. My research includes both mathematical modeling and physical experiments. In particular, I am interested in particle and solute transport in small-scale systems, such as municipal water filtration facilities. I enjoy teaching courses fundamental to applied mathematics and modeling, and I look forward to mentoring students on projects both in and outside the lab. I am very active in outreach and advocacy projects focused on gender and racial equity with various organizations.

Ulkuhan  Guler

Ulkuhan Guler

Assistant Professor-Engineering

My research interests lie in the broad area of circuits and systems, and my primary area of interest is analog/mixed signal integrated circuits. More specifically, I am interested in the circuit design of sensing interfaces and energy harvesting and wireless power transmission systems for applications in the IoT.

Catherine Faye Whittington

Catherine F. Whittington

Assistant Professor

My research focuses on combining bio-instructive biomaterials with cells to design 3D tissue-engineered platforms for regenerative medicine, disease modeling, improved predictability of therapeutic outcomes, and as translatable technologies for clinic and industry.

Raghvendra V. Cowlagi

Raghvendra V. Cowlagi

Associate Professor

Autonomous vehicles – aircraft, cars, rovers, over- and underwater vehicles that can move in the real world by themselves without human pilotage – have gained immense importance not only due to the broad spectrum of their potential military and civilian applications, but also due to the concurrent development of sensor technology and embedded systems that enable the realization of true autonomy.

Campus in Photos

Two dogs sniff at the fountain.
The dog days of summer are here, and there’s no such thing as too many dog photos...
Cleo looks at the camera during Commencement.
...So why not celebrate with some of our favorite campus canine visitors?
Two dogs sniff at the camera.
Got any fun plans for the summer?
Students smile with a dog next to them.
Summer is here, and we're all smiles!
A dog lays on the pavement to relax.
Spend some time lounging in the shade...
Bella curls up on a cushion for a quick nap.
...and don’t forget to take some time to relax; you’ve earned it.

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Tech News (formerly known as The Towers) is WPI’s student-run weekly newspaper covering the latest local, national, and international news; community events; campus activities; and issues impacting WPI students. It is one of the oldest recognized student groups on campus. New issues are available on Tuesdays both digitally and in newsstands across campus.

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