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WPI Demonstrates Christmas Tree Safety with a Live Burn

In an effort to raise awareness about fire safety this holiday season, WPI fire protection engineers hosted a live presentation to show what can happen to a Christmas tree if not properly maintained. Just 63 seconds after the tree ignited, the staged living room scene was engulfed in flames and smoke.

In the News

The New York Times carried an article by the Associated Press, highlighting WPI’s efforts to educate the public about the potential fire risk of Christmas trees that are not watered properly. This week, the WPI Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) department hosted a dramatic live presentation: engineers constructed a mock living room setup, complete with furniture, rug, curtains, and a decorated Christmas tree and, with cameras rolling, touched a flame to the dry tree. Within 63 seconds, the entire room reached flashover and was engulfed in flames.  

The New York Times