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Meeting Grand Challenges with the National Academy of Engineering

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has named WPI a Grand Challenge Scholars School, opening the door to further empowering students to solve problems related to global needs in food, clean water, energy, healthcare, the environment, education, and more. This latest recognition from the NAE builds upon WPI’s distinctive approach to project-based learning, through which students gain hands-on experience in research, interdisciplinary work, global experience, and entrepreneurship as they develop the skills needed to have an impact on their world. 

In the News

Kristin Tichenor,  WPI senior vice president, was quoted in the article. “The quickest way to bridge the gap between the number of people we need with computing expertise to fill jobs and those with the talent to do that work, is to encourage more women and underrepresented minority students to pursue computer degrees in college,” she said.

worcester Magazine

WCVB TV 5’s Chronicle aired a story about PABI, a sophisticated and loveable robotic penguin developed by WPI and Salem State University that could change the way behavioral therapies are provided to children with autism. PABI is the brainchild of WPI mechanical and robotics engineering professor Gregory Fischer and Salem State University School of Education professor Laurie Dickstein-Fischer.