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Biomedical engineer Marsha Rolle has spent more than a decade developing a method for building engineered blood vessels. With support from the NIH, she is using her innovative methods to create diseased blood vessels, which could serve as better models for testing new medications and help speed the development of better treatments for cardiac and vascular conditions. 

Engineering Human Blood Vessels

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Chrisotpher James '78 is helping policymakers find clean and efficient ways to power the world.

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Bioinformatics professor Dmitry Korkin was featured in an article highlighting a trend in researchers bypassing traditional journals in favor of publishing their findings more quickly online. Korkin and his team built a 3D roadmap of the coronavirus and posted it online to provide a tool for others to use in their own research. “We felt the urgency of this work,” Korkin said.

A stand-alone story about WPI’s role in developing and sharing a 3D roadmap of the novel coronavirus appears in The story includes quotes from WPI bioinformatics professor Dmitry Korkin and PhD students Senbao Lu and Oleksandr Narykov. The piece also includes several photos, a graphic of the novel coronavirus, and a 30-second video explainer.