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Graduate students are an integral part of WPI’s vibrant student population studying in fields across science, engineering, and business.  PhD, master's, and certificate programs are offered both on campus and online. To learn more about graduate programs, how to apply, and requirements in science and engineering, visit Graduate Admissions. To learn more about business, visit Foisie Business School.

Graduate students benefit from WPI's intimate size, strategic location, and a community of researchers with open labs, doors, and minds.  

At WPI you will have many opportunities to work in teams, receive personalized mentoring from experts in their fields, and engage in multidisciplinary research projects that solve important problems. You'll be encouraged to break new ground to advance your field through discovery or create something useful and marketable.  WPI provides a comprehensive education and development programs to provide its graduates with a foundation for success in both industry and academia.


Open Labs, Doors, and Minds

At WPI you will work side by side on a daily basis with faculty mentors renowned for research prowess and teaching excellence. You will gain the knowledge and the skills to attack complex problems from all angles. Our large and thriving research community highly values the contributions of graduate students. 

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WPI is ready to kick off the new year with TechFlex. alt
WPI is ready to kick off the new year with TechFlex.
August 05, 2020


April 06, 2021
Dean of Students
April 06, 2021
Residential Services Office

Media Coverage

Suhas Srinivasan, PhD student in the Data Science program, was interviewed by Times of News India for this article.

Bioinformatics professor Dmitry Korkin was featured in an article highlighting a trend in researchers bypassing traditional journals in favor of publishing their findings more quickly online. Korkin and his team built a 3D roadmap of the coronavirus and posted it online to provide a tool for others to use in their own research. “We felt the urgency of this work,” Korkin said.

Terri Camesano alt
Terri Camesano
The Office of Graduate Studies aims to build a community full of enrichment and scholarship. We are here to develop student leaders who will go onto become innovators.
Terri Camesano
Dean of Graduate Studies

WPI is proud to be the recipient of not one, but two National Science Foundation Research Traineeship programs. The programs provide exceptionally talented graduate students with specialized training and funding assistance to join careers at the forefront of technology and innovation. The programs are for graduate students in research-based master's and doctoral degree programs in STEM. Learn more.