WPI is committed to providing STEM opportunities for all ages. With outreach, resources, or our popular on-campus activities, camps, and competitions, younger students can become familiar with everything that is possible on this exciting path. 

The university also hosts several K-12 activities including an Invitational Mathematics Meet and an annual Water Rocket Competition 

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WPI's Summer Sports Camps offer something for everyone. With camps in softball, football, wrestling, soccer, and volleyball, students of different skill levels can improve their playing, advance their leadership and teamwork while making new friends and summer memories.

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Robotics Resource Center

WPI blazed a trail in robotics when it became the first university in the nation to offer a bachelor's degree in robotics. Soon after, it became one of the few to offer graduate degrees in this discipline. But interest in robotics begins early and WPI's Robotics Resource Center helps improve access to robotics, STEM, and hands-on learning through high-quality education and competitions for younger students.

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Pre-Collegiate Outreach

WPI offers programs throughout the year that inspire middle and high school students to learn more about STEM fields. With a hands-on approach and exciting topics, our pre-collegiate programs are an excellent way to gain insight into STEM.  

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STEM Education Center

WPI's STEM Education Center is a valuable resource for teachers seeking new ways to introduce students to STEM ideas. Working with current and future educators to guide relevant, integrated, and inclusive STEM learning experiences with their students and communities, our team is a source of guidance and resources.