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In a world that’s constantly evolving, it’s natural for education to evolve along with it. Project-based learning (PBL) is essential to fostering more skilled, empathetic, confident, experienced students—and, in turn, members of society. And over the last 50 years, we’ve not only mastered this pedagogy rooted in hands-on learning, but set tens of thousands of students on the course for success in the process.

Learning doesn’t stop once students leave the classroom, and more than ever, students need to be prepared not only for their first job, but for their careers and lives for years to come. It’s imperative for students and educators alike that we implement project-based learning in higher education. Doing so will be crucial in elevating education, its outcomes, and impact on the ever-changing global challenges we face as a society.

From the University Magazine

A Global Experience: No Plane Required

The Worcester Community Project Center is tackling something new: giving students a global experience in a local context through the Local Latino Projects Program.

Student Spotlight: Juggling Competitive Skating With Challenging Academics

Tessa Lytle '23 says WPI’s project-based education appeals to the way she learns and how she prefers to work. 

Student Project: Validating 3D Food Printing for Customizable Nutrition

This project aimed to advance the material science of 3D food printing and integrate it with consumer rating studies through developing a three-layer, nutritional, palatable 3D food printed (3DFP) bar. 

Media Coverage

Associate Professor Elisabeth Stoddard of the Department of Integrative & Global Studies within The Global School spoke with NBC10 as part of their Climate 2022 coverage about the Farm Stay Project Center in Paxton, Massachusetts. Through the partnership with Turn Back Time, WPI students are helping some of the youngest learners get excited about environmental education through the university’s project-based education.

The Shelter Island Reporter covered the work WPI students Carly Campbell, Anna Carriero, Alaa Hassan, Brandon Weyant and Georgianna Wood, all of the Class of 2020, did during their MQP at Sylvester Manor Educational Farm. The students designed a modern wind energy system to augment the farm's windmill and its future energy production potential.