The STEM Education Center, WPI’s PreK-12 educator hub on campus, builds upon WPI’s dedication to supporting PreK-12 learning by engaging with members of the education community around STEM, including future and current teachers, administrators, and educators of all kinds. We follow WPI’s tradition of combining rigorous theory with practical experience to solve real-world problems and seek to support the STEM pipeline through diverse avenues including professional development opportunities for educators, as well as licensure and degree programs.

Register for AweSTEM! 2018

Every year, the STEM Education Center recognizes educators and education leaders dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics at our annual event AweSTEM! This year's event will be held on Wednesday, March 28th from 3:30-5:30 pm in Alden Memorial Hall. This year's theme is Diversity in STEM. Come and hear from your peers about engaging activities they are doing around this year's theme, learn about opportunities at WPI for PreK-12 STEM educators, and network with colleagues.  Register by Friday March 9th and let us know you'll be joining us for the celebration. 

The STEM Education Center helped our school create a thoughtful plan to integrate STEM across our 5th grade team.

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