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WPI has cancelled alumni events, on campus and throughout the world, through April 30 in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation. In addition, Alumni Weekend is cancelled, and Reunion celebrations for classes ending in 0 and 5 are postponed. Alden Society Luncheon, held during Alumni Weekend, is also cancelled.

As of March 17, WPI is no longer permitting visitors to campus. All WPI employees who are able to work from home, including University Advancement staff, have been asked to do so. Please do not come to campus during this time. Advancement staff are available by phone and email during regular office hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. You can contact the Alumni Relations Office at, 508-831-5600, for assistance.

We will keep you informed of any changes this spring.


Traditions are what draw us in and pull us back. They are cherished and revered. They give us chills and create wonderful memories of times spent on campus. Upon them, many great things can be built. They create the tie that binds the entire WPI community—the students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

As a WPI alum, you can be proud to count yourself among this illustrious group of innovative problem solvers who are always breaking new ground, seeking better solutions, and creating positive change in the world.

You are part of a worldwide network of more than 38,000 alumni who live in more than 100 countries and are working in diverse fields and professions.

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Jen Forsythe ‘01 - Keeping soldiers safe inside the Army’s fearsome tanks

“Beautiful” may not be the first word that springs to mind when envisioning an M1 Abrams tank—the Army’s most awesome and lethal combat vehicle, with a massive 120mm cannon and machine gun. But what other machine has the ability to function in such an intense variety of climates and terrain around the world, in situations that can literally mean life or death for its occupants?

Five Voices of Climate Change

Indeed, the relentless rise in global atmospheric temperature, driven by the greenhouse gases released by fossil fuel combustion and other human activities, is the root cause of a host of challenges facing the planet and bedeviling humanity. Itself a highly complex physical phenomenon, involving a host of intertwining physical, chemical, and biological systems, climate change and its multitude of impacts demand a multifaceted response from us.

The Father of the Plan:
Bill Grogan '46

WPI's latest book, The Presiding Genius of the Place, explores the life of the late Bill Grogran '46, dean emeritus of undergraduate studies, whose influence and leadership forever changed WPI. 

Building the Hill Together

The Foisie Innovation Studio and Residence Hall, as pictured in this architectural rendering, is named to honor WPI's most generous benefactor, Robert A. Foisie '56—but it also pays homage to the university's growing tradition of philanthropy.

Every gift makes an impact.

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