Traditions are what draw us in and pull us back. They are cherished and revered. They give us chills and create wonderful memories of times spent on campus. Upon them, many great things can be built. They create the tie that binds the entire WPI community—the students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

As a WPI alum, you can be proud to count yourself among this illustrious group of innovative problem solvers who are always breaking new ground, seeking better solutions, and creating positive change in the world.

You are part of a worldwide network of more than 38,000 alumni who live in more than 100 countries and are working in diverse fields and professions.

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Inbound Strategies

Since signing on as a senior implementation specialist at HubSpot in 2016, José Luis Ortiz has helped businesses throughout Latin America take advantage of the marketing and sales tools the Cambridge-based tech company develops. But there’s one client he’s particularly proud to have worked with.

“My dad,” he says. “He has had his own company for about 20 years.”

Humble Beginnings

“From the day I learned engineers were the ones responsible for the construction of things, I knew I wanted to be an engineer.” Self-proclaimed Worcester “townie” John Cunic ’68, ’71 MS ChE, shared this comment in a recent interview, adding that he set his sights on Worcester Tech and The Hill at a very young age. He says he was a “city kid of humble beginnings,” however, and even with years of scrimping and saving, his family could cover only his first year's tuition...

The Father of the Plan:
Bill Grogan '46

WPI's latest book, The Presiding Genius of the Place, explores the life of the late Bill Grogran '46, dean emeritus of undergraduate studies, whose influence and leadership forever changed WPI. 

Building the Hill Together

The Foisie Innovation Studio and Residence Hall, as pictured in this architectural rendering, is named to honor WPI's most generous benefactor, Robert A. Foisie '56—but it also pays homage to the university's growing tradition of philanthropy.

Every gift makes an impact.

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