Discovery and Innovation with Purpose

WPI faculty members and students are engaged in advanced, interdisciplinary research across a broad range of fields. From cutting-edge work in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, to explorations of the technological and policy issues surrounding cybersecurity, to studies of issues as diverse as firefighter health and security and the fire safety challenges of green buildings, this fundamental and applied research is addressing vital societal problems and technological challenges and producing innovations and insights that are helping build a better world.

Mastering Big Data Challenges

Elke Rundensteiner, professor of computer science and director of WPI's Data Science Program, discusses the challenges of storing and making sense of big data.

Turning Big Data into Actionable Information

WPI's research enterprise has grown significantly in size and sophistication over the past five years. We are well positioned to lead the kinds of large-scale interdisciplinary, multi-institution research projects that define world-class research today.
Bogdan Vernescu
Vice Provost for Research