Discovery and Innovation with Purpose

WPI faculty members and students are engaged in advanced, interdisciplinary research across a broad range of fields. From cutting-edge work in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, to explorations of the technological and policy issues surrounding cybersecurity, to studies of issues as diverse as firefighter health and security and the fire safety challenges of green buildings, this fundamental and applied research is addressing vital societal problems and technological challenges and producing innovations and insights that are helping build a better world.

WPI’s Newest CAREER Award Winners

For a small research university, WPI boasts a rich pool of talent – especially those awarded the five-year CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation. Nearly 30 current WPI faculty members have received CAREER Awards. Most recently, five awards were earned over just the past two years by these five rising stars. They represent a depth of expertise in areas such as math, chemical engineering, biology, learning sciences, and cybersecurity.


A photo of WPI's recent NSF Career Award winners.
Sarah Olson, Michael Timko, Scarlett Shell, Ivon Arroyo, and Craig Shue.

Great Minds at Work

WPI is a collaborative community where faculty and staff celebrate new ideas, respect different opinions, and foster professional and personal growth. We believe the potential for individual innovation and impact is made even greater by the opportunity to collaborate with—and to be challenged by—other great minds. We call this Great Minds Multiplied, and we focus every day on making it work to each employee’s advantage.