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Research That Matters


WPI’s growing research enterprise focuses on discovering and developing solutions to problems that matter to people. We work across disciplines to educate students and give researchers opportunities to push boundaries. Researchers at WPI collaborate with academic, industry, government, and private partners to increase the impact of all we do, and we create pathways to develop a workforce that advances new ideas at every level.

WPI’s facilities support research that creates change. Whether it is the customized training and cutting-edge equipment of the Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center (BETC), PracticePoint’s spaces for health care research, development, and testing, or any of WPI’s other labs, our research transforms lives for the better.


“WPI researchers work in teams across disciplines and around the world to find practical, sustainable, and humane solutions to difficult problems."  

-Bogdan Vernescu 
Vice President and Vice Provost for Research and Innovation 


Office of the Vice Provost for Research

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research supports the university’s research enterprise by enhancing the environment for exploration, encouraging the highest standards of quality, and fostering ethical conduct in research.

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WPI faculty and students conduct cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research that addresses the world’s most pressing challenges.
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WPI invests in faculty, researchers, and students with training and practice in value creation and innovation to change the world.
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Benefiting from their research experiences as they do from other distinctive elements of a WPI education, students become global leaders.



Preview An illustration of energy technologies that could address climate change.
Climate Tech Research

Untapped Energy

WPI researchers are developing novel ideas to tackle the urgent need for technologies that will address climate change. 
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From WPI's university magazine

A Dry Heat

Jamal Yagoobi’s dual areas of expertise have him in demand everywhere from outer space to the manufacturing floor.

A robotic hand shakes a human hand.
From WPI's university magazine

Robots in the Workplace

WPI researchers are introducing robots to workplaces while understanding how humans interact with the technology.

Illustration of AI
From WPI's university magazine

Revolutionary Tech or Pandora’s Box?

WPI experts weigh in on what should excite and alarm us about large-language models.

Illustration of Dmitry Korkin
From WPI's university magazine

Computational Connections

Dmitry Korkin has made the computer a powerful ally for unlocking the mysteries of biology and medicine.

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Corporate Partnerships

WPI's Office of Corporate Partnerships cultivates on-campus and industry support for projects, sponsorships, research, fellowships, and scholarships. If you're interested in learning how WPI can partner with your company or your research team, get in touch with the Corporate Partnerships team.

WPI Expert Database

WPI experts are leaders in their fields and are available to offer ideas, opinions, analysis, and commentary. From issues facing higher education to current events, trending topics, and breaking news, our WPI researchers are eager to share their expertise with the world.

Facilities & Equipment

Whether your research needs a critical instrument, you need training on equipment, or you’re seeking multidisciplinary collaborations, WPI’s research facilities and well-equipped laboratories are will help you get to the next level in your research.