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Research That Matters

“WPI researchers work in teams across disciplines and around the world to find practical, sustainable, and humane solutions to difficult problems."  

-Bogdan Vernescu, Vice Provost for Research 


WPI faculty and students conduct cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research that addresses the world’s most pressing challenges—from human disease, sustainable development, and climate change to the future of work, clean energy, and materials of the future.


WPI invests in faculty, researchers, and students with training and practice in value creation and innovation to change the world, from Worcester, our home – and beyond. Innovation is a core value at the heart of everything we do.


Students value and benefit from their research experiences as they do from other distinctive elements of a WPI education, including global projects, humanities and arts, and the social sciences. Balancing research with education produces global leaders.
Illustration of Dmitry Korkin
From WPI's university magazine

Computational Connections

Dmitry Korkin has made the computer a powerful ally for unlocking the mysteries of biology and medicine.

From WPI's university magazine

2022 a Record Year for CAREER Grants and Research Expenditures

Four WPI faculty members recently received the National Science Foundation’s CAREER grant, which supports researchers during the early stages of their academic careers. 

Ulkuhan Guler
From WPI's university magazine

Sensing the Living Breath

Ulkuhan Guler has an ambitious goal: creating a small, smart, skin patch that collects critical measures of respiration.

Illustration of the built environment
From WPI's university magazine

Sustainability of the Built Environment

Researchers seek solutions for a source of 40 percent of carbon emissions worldwide—human-made infrastructure.

Neil Heffernan
From WPI's university magazine

Online Math Help That Works

ASSISTments, a free educational platform developed by WPI researchers, uses immediate feedback to improve learning outcomes.

WPI manufacturing researchers
From WPI's university magazine

Modern Manufacturing Finds A Home

In the high-tech labs of the Advanced Manufacturing Center, WPI researchers are transforming how products are produced, repaired, and recycled.

WPI Expert Database

WPI experts are leaders in their fields and are available to offer ideas, opinions, analysis, and commentary. From issues facing higher education to current events, trending topics, and breaking news, our WPI researchers are eager to share their expertise with the world.

Facilities & Equipment

Whether your research needs a critical instrument, you need training on equipment, or you’re seeking multidisciplinary collaborations, WPI’s research facilities and well-equipped laboratories are will help you get to the next level in your research.