Discovery and Innovation with Purpose

WPI faculty members and students are engaged in advanced, interdisciplinary research across a broad range of fields. From cutting-edge work in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, to explorations of the technological and policy issues surrounding cybersecurity, to studies of issues as diverse as firefighter health and security and the fire safety challenges of green buildings, this fundamental and applied research is addressing vital societal problems and technological challenges and producing innovations and insights that are helping build a better world. 




Strategic Research Areas



Building on the university’s current and historical strengths and seizing emerging opportunities in some of the most currently important multidisciplinary areas, WPI has developed five cross-cutting research areas as part of its university-wide strategic plan.


current faculty members have won the NSF Career Award

National Science Foundation (2018)

increase in research funding over the past three years (FY 2018)


current faculty have been Fulbright scholars 


research funding (FY 2018)

Open Faculty Positions

WPI is a collaborative community where faculty, staff, and students celebrate new ideas, respect different opinions, and foster professional and personal growth. Interdisciplinary groups get together to build community, form strategic partnerships, and innovate with impact in several research areas.