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WPI is known for what it does best—delivering an education that is project-based, globally engaged, and built on its founding approach of theory and practice. WPI doesn't work the way other universities work, and that makes all the difference. Our students graduate fully prepared to step into challenging roles because they have powerful knowledge, and they know how to apply it. Armed with value creation skills and entrepreneurial mindsets, they leave WPI ready to make changes in the world that have a positive impact. 


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Undergraduate Education

Our curriculum and degree requirements are designed to help students graduate as thoughtful global citizens, ready for impactful personal and professional lives—and to find and fulfill their passions along the way.   

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WPI Plan

Through WPI's signature approach to undergraduate education, known as the WPI Plan, students learn how to learn by applying your classroom experiences in research and projects that challenge them from a proficiency, social, and global perspective. 

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Project-based Learning

Through a project-based education, students discover the value of learning by doing. They take the hypothetical and make it real, applying skills and concepts from the classroom to real problems, leading to real-world experience and impact. 

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Find Your Program

At WPI you will be encouraged to branch out, cross disciplines, and experiment, whether in pursuit of a bachelor's degree, a double major, a BS/MS, a specialized minor, or even designing your own major. 

Graduate & Professional Education

WPI offers graduate study leading to the master of science, master of engineering, master of mathematics for educators, master of business administration, and the doctor of philosophy degrees. Degrees may be available full-time, part-time, and online.

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Graduate Degrees

At WPI, your work isn’t based on your discipline—it’s based on you. You bring your focus, and we help you find a way to change the world with it. If you want to combine two areas that aren’t a typical academic pairing, you can do that at WPI. Here, it’s just as common to find robotics engineers working on healthcare devices as it is to find biochemists working in materials science. 

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Graduate Certificates

Keeping pace with technological advancement today is a never-ending task. WPI’s innovative graduate certificate programs help technical and business professionals keep up to date with advances in technologies and business practices without a commitment to a graduate degree program. WPI offers two certificate programs: the Graduate Certificate (GC) and the Advanced Certificate (AC).

How Online Learning Works

Online Programs

Lifelong learning is an integral part of our educational philosophy. With personalized support and greater flexibility, our online graduate programs give working professionals access to WPI’s distinctive project-based education––and the real-world knowledge and skills needed to go further in their careers.