Educating Global Changemakers

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a purpose-driven community of educators and researchers, has been the global leader in project-based learning for over 50 years. Making an impact on higher education and the world, WPI prepares confident, competent problem solvers through a project-based curriculum that immerses students in authentic, real-world experiences. Learn how WPI is using this project-based, interdisciplinary approach to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to educate the next generation of changemakers, and how educators everywhere can apply this versatile and powerful approach to teaching to guide learners to turn ideas into action.

The Global Leader in Project-based Learning

Since 1970, project-based learning has been the core of WPI's curriculum providing students a professional and social context to apply their acquired skills and abilities. Over fifty years later, it's a proven and highly effective model for learning that's both adaptable and rigorous—featuring integrative project work across four years, both in the major and in general education, in classrooms, and around the globe at 50+ project centers.

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A Purpose-driven Community of Researchers & Innovators

WPI’s founding principal of putting theory into practice extends to its research enterprise. Our faculty and student researchers focus on important scientific, technological, and societal problems and develop practical solutions and innovations that frequently translate into marketable products and commercial ventures. The university provides extensive resources that support researchers at every stage of their journeys of discovery.

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An Impact Maker for Higher Education & the World

Since the launch of the university’s landmark project-based educational model over 50 years ago, WPI has established itself as a pioneer and global leader in project-based learning. Armed with that experience, expertise, and passion, WPI—through the Center for Project-Based Learning—is changing the face of higher education by helping other institutions implement facets of project-based learning on their campuses.