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Combine Your Industry Expertise and Our Proven Research-Based Approach

The Executive PhD is designed for seasoned business professionals who are ready to apply their expertise in new and fulfilling ways. Whether you’re looking to elevate what you can do in your current role or you want to branch out into consulting, teaching, or conducting research, the Executive PhD program will give you added credibility to become a more impactful thought leader.

  • Enhance your capabilities to address emerging challenges facing your industry
  • Work with faculty who will support and guide you as you work through your program and help you 
  • Work closely with a cohort of fellow students whose interests and initiatives match your own 
  • Create a lasting impact and legacy in your industry and the people that follow in your footsteps
  • Choose from three concentrations that best fits your background: Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, and Operations Management


Ron Welter ’87, ’02 (MS), ’14 (MBA), Executive PhD Student
“This is a degree for people who love learning ... It also allows you to get valuable input from people who may not otherwise talk to you ... You’re actually trying to help an industry, which in turn can help them.”
  • Ron Welter ’87, ’02 (MS), ’14 (MBA), Executive PhD Student
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are the admission requirements?
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts (Executive PhD students are expected to have a relevant master’s degree) 
  • Two letters of recommendation 
  • Statement of Purpose (Why do you want a PhD and what research topics, based on your experience, are of interest to you?) 
  • Resume 
  • Application fee of $70 
  • Interview is not required 
Who is the Executive PhD designed for?
  • Senior executives with 15+ years’ work experience, who are interested in studying some large problem in their area of expertise.  Since this is a research degree, the Executives with a good fit to the program will have a strong motivation to work on an important and impactful problem related to their experience.  
Are there in person/on-campus requirements?
  • Some classes may be in person.  In general, we expect PhD Executives to be engaged in the program, and available to come to campus as needed (but not necessarily on a fixed, regular schedule).  

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