The Global School Event Series 2021-2022

The Global School at WPI supports innovative research and project-based learning to address the increasing complexity and diversity of global grand challenges in health, energy, environment, food, water, mobility, and climate change. Join each event in this yearlong series to learn more about the important initiatives underway to address local and global challenges, and to see how you can get involved. Monthly events will focus on the world’s great problems within the context of WPI’s ongoing collaborations with partners across the globe through our network of global project centers. 

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Preview Students sitting in a circle

September 2021

Community Climate Adaptation at Home and Abroad

This first event of the series focused on Community Climate Adaptation.  The keynote session included Dr. Franco Montalto and Maria Belen Power in a lively moderated discussion with podcaster and national climate adaptation influencer, Doug Parsons. 

Preview Craig Santos Perez

October 2021

Oceania: Place, Place-making and Environmental Justice

This event featured a keynote address by poet Craig Santos Perez.

Craig is an indigenous Chamoru (Chamorro) from the Pacific Island of Guåhan (Guam). He is a poet, scholar, editor, publisher, essayist, critic, book reviewer, artist, environmentalist, and political activist.

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November 2021

Middle East and North Africa Futures

This event brought together leaders from academia, industry and government to consider multiple social, cultural and environmental challenges the region currently faces, including gender equity, climate change, renewable energy, sustainability and building smart cities.

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January 2022

Applications of Generative Justice in sub-Saharan Africa

This session demonstrated the ‘WPI approach’ for engaging the sub-Saharan Africa region in matters of STEM, scientific applications, and technological innovations. Professor Leonard Wantchekon, and Beninese economist, Princeton Professor, and founder of the African School of Economics gave the keynote address and was followed by scholars from around the region who offered additional insights into productive and just collaborations.



February 2022

Fronteras reimaginadas: Reimagining Borders in Latin(x) America

This event explored relations and associations between the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and the United States and highlighted recent innovations in WPI global project program activities in the region.


April 2022

Regional Hubs Discussion and Exploration

This interactive workshop will focus on what an International Hub at WPI might look like and how WPI can use a central European hub to tie other project centers in the region together.