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Crimson and Gray Awards

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The Crimson & Gray Awards recognize students who demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities within the WPI community and acknowledge the significant contributions they have made to improve the quality of student life at the university.

Ideal candidates subscribe to WPI’s Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life core values of advocacy, citizenship, empowerment, inclusion, respect, and support.


Junior, senior, and graduate WPI students who have been nominated by a WPI faculty or staff member are eligible to apply for the Crimson & Gray Awards. Nominations are accepted each fall, and all nominated students will receive an award application in January.

Nominations for this award will begin November with more details to follow.

For more information, please contact the Student Activities Office at

Browse Crimson and Gray Awards awardees

Year Recipient
2020 Amber Foote
2020 Emily Wilson
2020 Faria Kader
2020 Katherine Gomes
2020 Katherine Handy
2020 Kristy Giacoman Favela
2020 Marissa Periera
2020 Mbolle Akume
2020 Meredith Forcier
2020 Timothy Esworthy
2019 Ashley Choi
2019 Chisom Okafor
2019 Daly Place
2019 Harsh Rana
2019 Jessica Locke
2019 Maggie Kuck
2019 Michael Brooks
2019 Olivia Verdone
2019 Peter DiPersio
2019 Rosie McCarthy
2019 Shannon Moffat
2019 Sophia Gervasio
2019 Toni Joy
2018 Abigail King
2018 Adrienne Weishaar
2018 Ama Biney
2018 Brandon King
2018 Christine Schondek
2018 Emily Newman
2018 Jacob St. Germain
2018 Jeremy Honig
2018 Joseph Miceli
2018 Kayleah Griffin
2018 Kyle Young
2018 Margarite Vaccaro
2018 Spencer Austin
2017 Aaron Pepin
2017 Ama Biney
2017 Brandon King
2017 Connor Tower
2017 Drew DeRubeis
2017 Elizabeth Coffey
2017 Elizabeth Desjardins
2017 Jack Murphy
2017 Luke Habib
2017 Megan Belval
2017 Miranda Lawell
2017 Shanel Chisholm
2017 Whitney Davis
2017 Whitney Hazard