Office Phone Email Location
Office Phone Email Location
Academic & Research Computing 508-831-5136
Academic Advising 508-831-5381 Unity Hall
Academic Affairs 508-831-5222 Boynton Hall
Academic Technology Center 508-831-5220 Fuller Laboratories
Accessibility Services 508-831-4908 Unity Hall
Accounts Payable Boynton Hall
Advancement 508-831-6052
Alumni 508-831-5600 Higgins House
Annual Giving 508-831-6052 85 Prescott Street (Gateway Park)
Archives & Special Collections 508-831-6112
Arts & Sciences 508-831-4678
Office Phone Email Location
Bursar's Office (Student Accounts) 508-831-5203 Boynton Hall
Business School 508-831-5218 Washburn Shops
Office Phone Email Location
Career Development Center 508-831-5260 Unity Hall
Center for Well-Being +1-508-831-6494 Daniels Hall
Controller's Office Boynton Hall
Corporate Partnerships +1-508-831-5000
Office Phone Email Location
Dean of Students 508-831-5201 Rubin Campus Center
Dining Services 508-831-5253 Morgan Hall
Office Phone Email Location
East Asia Hub Salisbury Laboratories
Engineering 508-831-4694
Enterprise Information Systems 508-831-5136 Fuller Laboratories
Environmental Health & Safety
Equal Opportunity & Outreach 508-831-6514 Rubin Campus Center
Events Office 508-831-5613 Rubin Campus Center
External Relations
Office Phone Email Location
Facilities Office 508-831-5500 37 Lee Street
Faculty Governance 508-831-5135 Salisbury Laboratories
Finance & Operations 508-831-5837 Boynton Hall
Financial Aid 508-831-5469 Bartlett Center
Financial Planning & Analysis 508-831-5725 Boynton Hall
Financial Services Boynton Hall
First Year Program 508-831-5381 Boynton Hall
Foundation Relations 508-831-5345, 508-831-5209 Higgins House
Office Phone Email Location
General Counsel 508-831-6993 Boynton Hall
Global Experience 508-831-5547 Laurie A. Leshin Global Project Center
Global School +1-508-831-6566
Government & Community Relations +1 (508) 831-6024 Higgins House
Graduate & Professional Studies 508-831-4681 60 Prescott Street (Gateway Park I)
Graduate Admissions 508-831-5301 60 Prescott Street (Gateway Park I)
Office Phone Email Location
Health Services 508-831-5520 Daniels Hall
Human Resources 508-831-5470 Boynton Hall
Office Phone Email Location
ID Services 508-831-5645 East Hall
IT Infrastructure & Operations 508-831-5136 Fuller Laboratories
IT Security Fuller Laboratories
IT Services & Support 508-831-5888 George C. Gordon Library
Information Technology Services 508-831-5136 Fuller Laboratories
Innovation Studio 508 831 6272 Innovation Studio
Institutional Research Boynton Hall
International House 508-831-6030 International House
Office Phone Email Location
Library Services +1-508-831-5410 George C. Gordon Library
Office Phone Email Location
Mail Services 508-831-5317 Rubin Campus Center
Marketing Communications 508-831-5305 Boynton Hall
Office Phone Email Location
Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education 508-831-5796 OASIS Multicultural Center
Office Phone Email Location
Payroll 508-831-4655 Boynton Hall
Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics 508-831-5243 Sports & Recreation Center Building
Planned Giving 508-831-6001
Police 508-831-5433 Founders Hall
Pre-Collegiate Outreach 508-831-4900 20 Trowbridge Road
President 508-831-5200 Boynton Hall
Printing Services Boynton Hall
Procurement Boynton Hall
Property Management 508-831-6568 Rubin Campus Center
Office Phone Email Location
Registrar 508-831-5211 Unity Hall
Residential Services 508-831-5645 East Hall
Rubin Campus Center 508-831-6806 Rubin Campus Center
Office Phone Email Location
STEM Education Center 508-831-5512 157 West Street
South Village Student Center 508-831-6806
Sponsored Programs 508-831-5359 15-17 Schussler Road
Sponsored Programs Accounting 15-17 Schussler Road
Student Activities 508-831-5291 Rubin Campus Center
Student Development & Counseling Center 508-831-5540 16 Einhorn Road
Office Phone Email Location
Technology Commercialization 508-831-4907 15-17 Schussler Road
The Ombuds Office
Office Phone Email Location
Undergraduate Admissions 508-831-5286 Bartlett Center
Undergraduate Studies 508-831-5222 Boynton Hall
User Success and Experience +1-508-831-5136 Fuller Laboratories
Office Phone Email Location
Vice Provost for Research Boynton Hall