Faraday Hall

WPI Faraday Hall

Upper Class Residences

Faraday welcomed its first student residents in 2013. The 89,000-square-foot building is located a short walk from the main WPI campus at the intersection of Faraday, Grove, and Lancaster streets and is home to about 260 upper-class students. Residents do not need to be on meal plans and can enjoy privacy in 1-person studios, or room with friends in 4-person suites equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, and common rooms. The building also offers tech suites, a game room, laundry facilities, a large outdoor courtyard, and dedicated parking. Its unique design elements were inspired by Michael Faraday, an English scientist whose work in electromagnetism and electrochemistry paved the way for modern technology. A residential meal plan is not required to live in Faraday Hall.