As a parent of a WPI student,  you want to stay up-to-date about everything from registrar’s deadlines to campus events, and we understand that. We'll help you stay in touch and connected with resources at your fingertips. 

If at any time you are concerned about your student, contact the WPI Care Team for assistance.

Project Immersion

WPI students aren’t your typical learners, and the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) is not your typical study abroad. Each term, students and faculty members travel to one of 40+ project centers around the country and the world to put theory into practice. Follow 24 students and two faculty members as they travel to Tirana, Albania and embark on a transformative journey over a year in the making. 

Stay in Touch with Campus Happenings

The Parents & Friends Newsletter is sent out six times each academic year and is full of campus, student, and faculty news. Whether there is an upcoming event, an important deadline, or a cool student project, the newsletter is designed to keep parents current with all that is happening at WPI.  If you are not receiving the newsletter, be sure to subscribe. 

Parent Portal

The WPI Parent Portal allows a parent or legal guardian to have access to view academic and billing information.  All parent portal accounts must be initiated by the student.  Access and use instructions are available for parents and students.

The Cluttered World of College Rankings

With all the college ranking lists available to read, which ones can parents trust? Kristin Tichenor, WPI senior vice president for enrollment and institutional strategy, cautions that all rankings are not created equal—and that those metrics that align with the university's strategic priories are most notable and valuable.

Results That Matter

What does WPI offer your student? While our graduates typically earn high starting salaries and secure meaningful employment shortly after graduation, a WPI educational experience is anything but typical. Find out all the ways WPI helps students explore their interests and turn that work into a fulfilling career that lets them make significant changes in the world.