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Fuller Apartments

Fuller Apartments

Fuller Apartments are conveniently located behind Riley Hall and the Quad. Fuller provides an attractive housing option for upper-class students who live in these units.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who lives in Fuller Apartments?
    • Upper-class Undergraduate Students
  • How many student staff members are in the building?
    • 2 Resident Advisors (RA) work with Fuller Apartments, living in two of the studio apartments.
  • What type of building is Fuller Apartments?
    • A townhouse-style complex with individual apartments containing a kitchen, living room, and bathroom in each unit.  Apartments are 5 or 7 person with 2-3 bedrooms, depending on size.  Each apartment has two exterior entrances.
    • Fuller has some 2-3 person studio apartments.
  • What are the amenities in the complex?
    • Laundry room, located below Ellsworth Apartment 10 or basement level of Daniels Hall with exterior access.
    • Trash and recycling centrally located outside the complex
    • Courtyard area with tables
    • Basketball Court in Fuller Courtyard
    • Small parking lot for residential students, residential parking pass required (additional fee)
  • Is a residential meal plan required in Fuller Apartments?
    • Residents of Fuller are not required to have a residential meal plan because the apartments have kitchens.  Residents can choose to purchase a voluntary plan if desired.
  • What is provided for furniture/appliances?
    • Bedrooms are outfitted with a bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser for each resident.  Fuller closets have closet doors with a shelf and hanging bar for clothes.
    • Living rooms are outfitted with soft seating (for example – couch, chair, etc.).
    • Kitchens are outfitted with a refrigerator, stove, and dining room table with chairs.
  • Is kitchenware (pots, pans, silverware, etc.) provided for residents?
    • Kitchenware is not provided for residents.  Residents are encouraged to work together to determine who will bring specific items for the year.
  • Can beds be lofted or bunked?
    • Beds in Fuller are lofted beds with a desk underneath.  Students are not permitted to de-loft the beds or flip the bed and desk, unless authorized by Residential Services.
  • Does Fuller have air conditioning?
    • Fuller does not have air conditioning in the apartments.  Residents are encouraged to bring fans for their space.  Personal air conditioners are not permitted.