Wachusett House

Located just down the street from the center of campus, Wachusett House offers students a convenient residence full of charm, minutes from local shops and restaurants. The house contains double and single bedrooms, as well as common areas.

Wachusett House
Wachusett House
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which students will be living in Wachusett House house?

WPI undergraduate students.

What type of building is Wachusett House?
  • Wachusett House is a house containing multiple common areas and bedrooms.
  • Double and single bedrooms are available.
What are the amenities in Wachusett House?
  • Bathrooms
  • Lounge areas
  • Residents will have access to the Founders Hall laundry room, located across the street.
Is a residential meal plan required in Wachusett House?

Yes, residents of Wachusett House are required to have a residential meal plan.

What is provided for furniture/appliances in Wachusett House?
  • Bedrooms are outfitted with a bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser for each resident. Closets or wardrobes are also provided with a hanging bar for clothes.
  • Living rooms are outfitted with soft seating (for example: couches, chairs, etc.).
Can beds be lofted or bunked in Wachusett House?
  • Beds are able to be bunked. Residents may ask for pins to bunk the bed, and are responsible for un-bunking the bed at the end of the year and returning the pins to the Housing & Residential Experience Center.
  • Beds cannot be lofted; lofting equipment is not provided.
Does Wachusett House have air conditioning?

Wachusett House does not have air conditioning. Personal air conditioners are not permitted; residents are encouraged to bring fans for their space.