WPI Townhouses

WPI Townhouses--formerly Salisbury Estates--are conveniently located at 79 Park Avenue, just a short distance from academic buildings and the Sports and Recreation Center.  Graduate Housing Assistants (GHAs) and Resident Advisors (RAs) live in the complex alongside residents to support their needs.

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WPI Townhouses

Frequently Asked Questions

How many student staff members are in the WPI Townhouses?
  • 4 student staff members, living in various apartments.
What type of buildings are in the WPI Townhouse complex?
  • A townhouse-style complex with individual apartments containing a kitchen, living room, and bathroom in each unit. All apartments have two bedrooms.  Each apartment has two exterior entrances and is considered community apartment living; where students have a shared interior living space among all three residents of each apartment.
What are the amenities in the WPI Townhouses?
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Laundry room located in Apartment 79-5
  • Large courtyard areas
  • Trash and recycling available on site
  • Parking in various locations around the complex
Is a residential meal plan required in WPI Townhouses?
  • Residents of WPI Townhouses are not required to have a residential meal plan because the apartments have kitchens. Residents can choose to purchase a voluntary plan if desired.
What is provided for furniture/appliances in the WPI Townhouses?
  • Bedrooms are outfitted with a bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser for each resident.  WPI Townhouse closets have closet doors with a shelf and hanging bar for clothes.
  • Living rooms are outfitted with soft seating (for example – couch, chair, etc.).
  • Kitchens are outfitted with a refrigerator, stove, and dining room table with chairs.
Is kitchenware (pots,pans, silverware, etc.) provided for residents in the WPI Townhouses?
  • Kitchenware is not provided for residents.  Residents are encouraged to work together to determine who will bring specific items for the year.
Can beds be lofted or bunked in the WPI Townhouses?
  • Beds in WPI Townhouses cannot be bunked.
  • Beds cannot be lofted and lofting equipment is not provided.
Are beds adjustable in the WPI Townhouses?
  • Beds at WPI Townhouses may be adjustable, depending on location.
Does WPI Townhouses have air conditioning?
  • WPI Townhouses does not have air conditioning in the apartments.  Residents are encouraged to bring fans for their space.  Personal air conditioners are not permitted.
What type of room layout are the WPI Townhouse apartments for undergraduate students?
  • Bedrooms accommodate 3 students with 1 single room and 1 double room.

Studio Apartment

Picture of bedroom in Townhouse apartment
Picture of kitchen in Townhouse apartment
Picture of kitchen in Townhouse apartment
Picture of bathroom in Townhouse apartment

3 Person Apartment

Single bedroom in a 3 person apartment
Bathroom of a 3 person apartment
Living area and staircase in a 3 person apartment
Entrance and living area in a 3 person apartment
Kitchen in a 3 person apartment
Opposite side of kitchen in a 3 person apartment

6 Person Apartment

Townhouse 4BR 3
Townhouse 4BR 2
Townhouse 4BR 1
Townhouse 4BR
Townhouse 4BR 5
Townhouse 4BR 4
Townhouse 7
Townhouse 8
Townhouse 4BR 6
Townhouse 9
Townhouse 10