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The role of the Student Success Manager is to support students throughout their journey at WPI in a way that is complementary to the academic advising they receive in their departments. Student Success Managers help students by providing quick answers to their questions, helping them overcome obstacles, and showing them how to access important services offered by the university. They will connect regularly with the student, via phone and email, to ensure they are equipped with the tools to succeed in every course they take.  For general questions, please email:

Department/Program Contact for Part-time Students Contact for Full-time Students
Aerospace Engineering Kara Crosson Greg Cesar
Applied Mathematics   Kira Clary
Applied Statistics   Kira Clary
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology   Sarah LaFrance
Biochemistry Kara Crosson  
Bioscience Administration Kara Crosson  
Biomanufacturing Kara Crosson  
Biology and Biotechnology Kara Crosson Sarah LaFrance
Biomedical Engineering   Sarah LaFrance
Business Administration   Kara Crosson
Business Analytics Kira Clary Kira Clary
Chemical Engineering Kara Crosson Kira Clary
Chemistry Kara Crosson Sarah LaFrance
Civil Engineering Kara Crosson Kira Clary
Computational Media   Sarah LaFrance
Computer Science Kira Clary Greg Cesar
Construction Project Management Kara Crosson Sarah LaFrance
Cyber Security Kira Clary  
Data Science Lori Kendall-Taylor Lori Kendall-Taylor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Kira Clary Kira Clary
Environmental Engineering Kara Crosson Kara Crosson
Financial Mathematics   Kira Clary
Financial Technology   Kira Clary
Fire Protection Engineering Kara Crosson Greg Cesar
Industrial Mathematics   Kira Clary
Information Technology Kira Clary Kira Clary
Innovation with User Experience   Greg Cesar
Interactive Media and Game Development Kira Clary Sarah LaFrance
Interdisciplinary Kira Clary Kira Clary
Learning Sciences & Technology Kira Clary Kara Crosson
Life Science Management Kara Crosson  
Management   Kara Crosson
Manufacturing Engineering Kara Crosson Greg Cesar
Marketing and Innovation   Kara Crosson
Materials Engineering Kara Crosson  
Materials Process Engineering   Greg Cesar
Mathematics for Educators Kira Clary Kira Clary
Mechanical Engineering Kara Crosson Greg Cesar
Medicinal Chemistry Kira Clary  
Neuroscience   Sarah LaFrance
Operations Analytics & Mgt.   Kara Crosson
Physics Kara Crosson Kira Clary
Physics for Educators Kara Crosson Kira Clary
Power Systems Engineering Kira Clary  
Robotics Engineering Lori Kendall-Taylor Greg Cesar
Science and Technology for
Innovation in Global Development
  Kara Crosson
Supply Chain Analytics   Kara Crosson
Supply Chain Essentials Lori Kendall-Taylor  
Supply Chain Management   Kara Crosson
System Dynamics   Kira Clary
Systems Engineering Lori Kendall-Taylor  
Systems Engineering Leadership Lori Kendall-Taylor