Minor in Astrophysics


If you’re a stargazer who often wonders about all the stars and other solar systems in the skies, WPI’s Physics Department offers a minor in Astrophysics that will give you expertise with the continuing evolution of the universe.

Value Proposition Description

You’ll learn about the structures of space itself, the varying environments on planets, and the possibilities and challenges of space travel, all while learning the physics behind the properties in the celestial arena.

The Astrophysics minor gives you a chance to combine a study of the celestial world with courses in other relevant disciplines. Courses will include those in astrophysics, solar systems, and space environments where you’ll learn about everything from the origin, evolution, and properties of the solar system to the components of the universe.

Physics courses in Mechanics, Electromagnetism, and Quantum Mechanics give you the understanding of how it all came together and will help you fill out your chosen focus. Complete course descriptions can be found in the Course Catalog.

Interested students should complete the application for a minor in Astrophysics found in the Physics Department office. After it’s complete, bring it to the head of the Physics Department, who is responsible for the review and approval of all Astrophysics minors.