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WPI’s Minor in Chemistry will expand your knowledge of the world around you while enabling you to gain practical laboratory skills.

As the study of the composition and interactions of matter, chemistry is everywhere, and its applications are numerous, from pharmaceuticals to fossil fuels. Through our flexible minor, you can explore areas of interest to you—and apply your knowledge to solve real problems through hands-on projects and research.

The minor is particularly valuable for students majoring in Chemical Engineering, Biology, and Biomedical Engineering, as well as additional science and engineering disciplines.



You can design a minor that gives you overall breadth in chemistry or depth in a specific area of focus, such as physical or medicinal chemistry. You will select six courses in introductory, intermediate, and advanced chemistry and can explore a wide range of topics, including molecularity, forces and bonding, organic chemistry, experimental chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, and quantum chemistry.

As a capstone experience, you will take an advanced chemistry course on a specialized topic such as organic synthesis, biochemistry, or regulation of gene expression.