Minor in Theatre


Value Proposition Description

WPI Theatre provides opportunities for students to engage in both the study and practice of theatre, across every discipline (acting, directing, playwriting, design, management, and technical production). 

In addition to offering classes, the Theatre discipline produces two major shows per year, both of which are staffed almost entirely with WPI students—many of whom are completing projects (HUA Practicum, Minor Capstone, or Major Qualifying Project). 


Program Distribution Requirements for the Theatre Minor
  • Theatre Courses (Minimum 2/3 Units)
    2/3 units of non-production TH or theatre-related courses (including those listed below).
  • Theatre Productions (Minimum 1/3 Units)
    1/3 unit of credited theatrical production work (TH 1800 or TH 2800). 
  • Theatre Electives (Minimum 2/3 Units)
    2/3 units of TH electives (classes and/or credited theatrical production work).
  • Theatre Capstone Experience (Minimum 1/3 Units)  (TH 3800)
    A 1/3 unit research project, supervised by a faculty member (typically completed as part of a departmental production)



See the Undergraduate Catalog for more information and detailed course selection listings.

No more than 3/3 unit of work for the Humanities and Arts Requirement may be applied to the Theatre minor. The final inquiry seminar or practicum may not be counted toward the minor.

Any student at WPI is eligible to pursue the minor in Theatre except for students majoring in Humanities and Arts with a concentration in Theatre.


Application Process

If you’re interested in pursuing a Theatre Minor, contact Prof. Laura Eckelman to arrange a meeting. To apply for a Minor Capstone project (or simply to express interest in working on a departmental show), please fill out the WPI Theatre Production Interest Form