Minor in Drama/Theatre


Value Proposition Description

The minor in Drama/Theatre is a unique opportunity for you to apply creative technical elements—such as lighting and set design—to a wide variety of theatrical productions. You’ll learn about all aspects of drama and theatre, including design, production, and performance, while still focusing on your chosen major. With a Drama/Theatre minor at WPI, you’ll have the opportunity to work with like-minded students who have the same goal in mind—to make stories come to life onstage.


To earn a minor in Drama/Theatre, you’ll be expected to complete two units of work divided into the following (see Undergraduate Catalog for more information and detailed course selection listings):

•    Drama/Theatre courses (1 1/3 units of selected courses)
•    Drama/Theatre (1/3 unit)
•    Drama/Theatre capstone experience (1/3 unit)

For the capstone experience, you’ll work with a faculty member to create a presentation that showcases your knowledge and skills of Drama/Theatre. How to demonstrate said skills and knowledge is up to you—you can perform, design, direct, produce, or do something else entirely.

Application Process

Interested in applying for a Drama/Theatre minor? Familiarize yourself with the requirements to complete the minor, and fill out the Minor Proposal Form. Any WPI student is eligible for the Drama/Theatre minor, except those majoring in Humanities & Arts with a concentration in Drama/Theatre.