Minor in Economics


A minor in economics will give you a valuable perspective of how resources throughout the world are used and distributed. Students completing this minor gain a better perspective on how local and world events are influenced by economies and resources and can learn how to develop and implement effective and sustainable solutions to problems.

Value Proposition Description

Using computational modeling and experimentation, you’ll learn how trends and economic policies and behaviors impact individuals and change societies large and small. You’ll use this knowledge to help make more informed decisions and thoughtful choices no matter what your major is in.

(WPI also offers a bachelor's degree in Economic Science)


A minor in economics requires six courses, at least three of which must be chosen from foundation courses including Introductory Microeconomics, Introductory Macroeconomics, and the intermediate levels of those courses. In addition, you may take additional social science courses and will complete your minor requirements with a capstone.

If a faculty member of the Social Science & Policy Studies department advised your Interactive Qualifying Project, you may be able to use that project as a capstone and as a substitute for an applied course.