Minor in Electrical & Computer Engineering


If you want to learn the basics about electrical and computer engineering during your years at WPI, a minor in the discipline offers a great introduction to what it’s all about. With diverse course offerings, you have the opportunity to make your minor individualized by choosing the courses you want.

Value Proposition Description

If you’re a chemist with a passion for wireless communication or an environmental engineer interested in alternative power sources, this is a great way to explore your interests further.


The minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering includes courses in subjects as varied as Electronic Circuits, System and Signal Analysis, Digital Circuit Design, or Electromagnetic Fields. Because the course options are so broad, you may tailor your choices to reflect the subjects that most interest you.

You’ll be able to cluster your courses together in a thematic approach like analog and RF electronics, control and power engineering, computer engineering, or communications and signals. See the Course Catalog for a complete listing of courses.