Minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies


WPI’s minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies is for students eager to make the connections between their technical know-how and the challenges of social and environmental issues.

Value Proposition Description

This minor will help you look at problems with a different approach — one that examines the equally relevant technical, social, and environmental forces and leaves you with a valuable understanding of the many perspectives involved in complex environmental challenges.



Students who minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies have flexibility within the minor. You may take courses to gain a deeper understanding of a subject or theme of particular interest or a broad understanding of several areas.

Some course choices include Environmental Studies Core, Environmental Social Science and Humanities, Ecology, International Environmental Law and Policy, and Environmental Economics, along with the Environmental Studies capstone, which is generally a senior seminar.

Application Process

If you minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies, you’ll designate a member of the Environmental & Sustainability Studies affiliated faculty as your minor advisor. Your advisor will assist you in arranging your minor degree program to meet all the degree requirements. Visit the Environmental & Sustainability Studies office if you need help.