Financial Technology Certificate

The Financial Technology Certificate provides the analytical and management tools for leadership decision-making related to the evolution of the financial sector as a result of rapid technological innovation and savvy consumer expectations. 

The Financial Technology Certificate will prepare professionals with the necessary technological and business foundations to lead the creation, implementation, and commercialization of technology-enabled financial solutions.

Although a student may pursue the Financial Technology Certificate on a standalone basis, it is specifically designed to complement existing WPI graduate programs (e.g. , MS in IT, MS in Marketing & Innovation, MS in Management, MBA, or MS in Financial Mathematics). Students are often able to combine the Certificate with these programs with no additional coursework by leveraging their other program's electives.

WPI’s Graduate Certificate Programs help technical and business professionals keep up with changing technology—and the accompanying business issues—by targeting specific areas of technology management.

If you decide to pursue further study, certificate credits can be applied toward a graduate degree.

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To apply for this certificate program, you must have a BS degree in any discipline.

The graduate certificate in Financial Technology requires completion of four courses: two required Foundational courses for a total of six credits and two three-credit elective courses (one Financial course and one Technology/Data course).

Two Required Courses (6 credits)

  1. FIN 522: Financial Institutions, Markets & Technology
  2. MIS 500: Innovating with Information Systems

One Required Financial Course (3 credits)

  1. ACC 503: Financial Intelligence for Strategic Decision Making
  2. FIN 500: Financial Information & Management
  3. MA 574: Portfolio Valuation and Risk Management
  4. MA 575: Market and Credit Risk Models and Management


One Required Technology/Data Course (3 credits)

  1. DS 501: Introduction to Data Science
  2. ETR 593: Technology Commercialization: Theory, Strategy & Practice
  3. MIS 581: Information Technology Policy and Strategy
  4. MIS 582: Information Security Management