Innovation with User Experience

The Innovation with User Experience Certificate prepares students to become experts at navigating and building the human technology interaction while remaining mindful of business strategies.

Students will study proven theories, industry best practices, and new technologies in creating business value through innovation with UX.   

WPI’s Graduate Certificate Programs help technical and business professionals keep up with changing technology—and the accompanying business issues—by targeting specific areas of technology management.

If you decide to pursue further study, certificate credits can be applied toward a graduate degree.

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To apply for this certificate program, you must have a BS degree in any discipline.

The graduate certificate in Innovation with User Experience requires completion of four courses: three required courses for a total of nine credits and one three-credit elective course.

Three Required Courses (9 credits)

  1. MIS 583: UX Applications
  2. MIS 585: UX Design
  3. MIS 586: UX Research Methods

One Elective Course (3 credits)

  1. MKT 500: Marketing Management
  2. MKT 561: Consumer Behavior
  3. MKT 568: Data Mining Business Applications