Minor in Law & Technology


If you’re thinking about law school, a minor in Law & Technology at WPI prepares you for that next step. Combined with your technical major, you’ll be proficient in technical and scientific issues but also know how to effectively translate these issues in the legal system.

Value Proposition Description

Lawyers fluent in science, technology, and law are in high demand as they help protect inventors and their products through patent law, help judges understand medical testimony, help public health officials assess new drug therapies, or help government officials authorize new sources of power.

In addition, by completing a minor in Law & Technology, you’ll show law schools that you’re truly committed to legal study and the legal profession.


Required courses in the Law & Technology minor begin with foundations in legal institutions and analysis, such as Law, Courts, and Politics; Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties; and the Legal Environment of Business Decisions.

You’ll then take courses that explore the merging of law and technology, like Science-Technology Policy, International Environmental Policy, and Intellectual Property Law. You'll study professional communications like Elements of Writing or Writing About Disease and Public Health. See the Course Catalog for a complete description of courses.

Application Process

To begin the application process for a Law & Technology minor, contact the associated faculty member, Kent Rissmiller. Your advisor will also help you review your program of study and determine Independent Qualifying Project options.