Minor in Manufacturing Engineering


Manufacturing processes are essential to every society and a minor in the field gives you an understanding of the production, processing, manufacuturability, and quality of products to make the process and the product better.

Value Proposition Description

Whatever product you want to focus on—from software to automobiles to aircraft—you’ll find a way to improve the product or the production process. You’ll work closely with our faculty on small, hands-on projects that give you experience in solving real-world problems.


The courses in the manufacturing engineering minor cross engineering disciplines and include computer science, robotics engineering, and engineering science to give you a broad overview of how manufacturing processes impact many pockets of industry.

You’ll choose courses from selections including Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Plastics, Industrial Robotics, Materials Engineering and Processes, Design for Manufacturability, and Control and Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes. You may also choose an independent study project as part of your minor requirements. See the Course Catalog for a full listing of courses.

Application Process