Minor in Materials


A minor in Materials Engineering gives you a broad understanding of the issues surrounding materials science and the impact on the design, processing, and performance of systems around us. Engineers and scientists who understand the properties of materials and how those properties change due to processing are better prepared to make accurate decisions.

Value Proposition Description

You’ll apply your knowledge by participating in hands-on projects alongside WPI’s outstanding faculty to experiment and test materials to see new capabilities of common and uncommonly used materials.



The materials minor includes course work that crosses disciplines and includes courses in chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, and physics. You’ll choose from courses like Organic Chemistry, Semiconductor Devices, Materials Processing, Ceramics and Glasses for Engineering Applications, Biomaterials, and Atomic Force Microscopy.

The course work gives you a solid foundation to understand the varying properties of materials and a comprehension of how changing properties or processes can push the boundaries of what materials can do. You’ll have opportunities to uncover new ways materials can be used. The Course Catalog has a full listing of courses.

Application Process

Students seeking a minor in Materials Engineering should complete a Materials Minor and Program Planning Approval Form or in the Mechanical & Materials Engineering Department office. As with any minor, you’ll need to choose a faculty member in the department as an advisor, but the department can help you if you aren’t sure how to do that.